What We’re Learning

What We’re Learning

We believe that a community of creative problem-solvers, faced with complicated, seemingly intractable challenges, is well-served by thought-provoking, research-based information, and analysis. We support the development and dissemination of research in two ways:

Abell Reports

Abell Reports are commissioned reports by subject matter experts, academics, and investigative journalists that provide studies of selected issues on the public agenda.

Abell-Supported Research

These projects – undertaken with grant funding by academics and nonprofit research and advocacy organizations – advance learning on issues key to Baltimore City.

Featured Reports

Abell-Supported Research: The Costs of Baltimore’s Vacant Housing

Vacant houses, uninhabitable due to abandonment or lack of owner investment, exert a heavy cost on neighborhoods and the City as a whole. This report calculates just how steep the public cost is and provides an economic backdrop for future action.

Abell Report: Evaluating the Cost of Lead Hazard Control and Abatement in Baltimore City

Too many children continue to be exposed to deteriorating lead-based paint in their homes. This Abell report examines what it would take for Baltimore City to tackle the urgent problem of lead paint poisoning.

Abell Report: Investigating the Geothermal Potential of Baltimore

We need to develop sustainable, clean, and affordable sources of energy. Can heat from the Earth’s interior offer a potential solution? This Abell Report examines the science of geothermal energy and evaluates whether it’s a viable alternative for Baltimore.

Publications Library

Pediatric Asthma

Pediatric asthma enacts an unequal burden on Baltimore’s children. This Abell Report documents the prevalence of pediatric asthma in Baltimore and calls for an equity-driven, multimodal, public health approach to addressing it.

2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 Annual Report highlights programs that are meeting the needs of Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens, advocating for changes to structures and practices that undergird inequality, and supporting residents who are building stronger neighborhoods across our city.

Overcoming Barriers to Homeownership in Baltimore City

Could additional first-time homebuyer incentives and more flexibly underwritten loans reverse declining rates of homeownership in Baltimore? The short answer: not alone.

Baltimore College Fact Book: Data Digest of College Access Outcomes

With support from the Abell Foundation, the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) released a College Fact Book, a compendium of college access-related data that provides a detailed overview of Baltimore City Schools (City Schools) students’ experiences preparing for, enrolling in, and completing postsecondary education.

Reforming Baltimore’s Mayoral Elections

How can we increase electoral competition, raise participation, and improve political representation?

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