Past Grants

Past grants archive does not include small grants of $10,000 or less.


$135,000 / 2024 / Community Development

In support of “Johnston Square: A Blueprint for Baltimore” and implementation of the “Build One Baltimore Now” campaign.

Southeast Community Development Corporation

$20,000 / 2024 / Community Development

In support of client assistance funds paired with case management to prevent eviction and increase family stability among households with children in Southeast’s community schools, particularly immigrant households.

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore Inc.

$25,000 / 2024 / Health and Human Services

In support of the Promise Housing program, which provides rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing for young adults experiencing homelessness.

Turnaround Tuesday Inc.

$125,000 / 2024 / Workforce Development

In support of helping 300 Baltimore residents secure quality jobs that pay over $16 per hour, offer medical and vacation benefits, and provide a career pathway.

UMBC Foundation

$60,000 / 2024 / Education

In support of the UMBC Reach Together Tutoring Program, which will provide high-dosage math tutoring for 570 students across eight schools in Baltimore during the 2024-2025 school year.

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