Past Grants

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Rales Health Center)

$75,000 / 2022 / Health and Human Services

In support of operating costs for the Rales Health Center at KIPP Baltimore. The Rales Center provides integrated wellness programs, school health services, and a full-service school-based health center for students and staff at KIPP Harmony Academy and KIPP Ujima Village Academy.

Liberty Grace Church of God

$102,400 / 2022 / Health and Human Services

In support of hiring a Project Manager for the Interfaith Family Health Center of Baltimore.

Maryland New Directions

$120,000 / 2022 / Workforce Development

In support of Maryland New Directions, which will provide 200 job seekers in Baltimore with one-on-one job coaching for immediate job placement as well as occupational skills training for careers in the transportation and logistics industry.

Maryland PIRG Foundation

$40,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of the Smart Energy Solutions campaign to improve implementation and impact of Maryland’s energy efficiency program to achieve greater, more equitable consumer and climate benefits.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Inc.

$50,000 / 2022 / Community Development

In support of staff costs associated with expanded mortgage lending activities that will increase credit access and promote financial wellness for low- and moderate-income individuals interested in sustainable homeownership.

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