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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2011.


ACLU Foundation of Maryland, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the Baltimore City Education Reform Project, designed to ensure that schools serving disadvantaged students receive equal funding and resources. This agenda calls for advocating expansion of pre-kindergarten for low-income students, alternative strategies for suspension, improvement of teacher quality, protection of funding levels, retention of state responsibility for the cost of teacher pensions, increased levels of participation in free and reduced-price meals, adoption of a bully policy, and mobilization of parents.

Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance

Baltimore, MD

For continued support and expansion of programs to integrate the arts into the curriculum of Maryland's public schools.

Arts Every Day

Baltimore, MD

To increase the number of Baltimore City Public Schools' students and teachers participating in the Arts Every Day Schools Program. The objective is to incorporate arts into the lives of students through a curriculum that meets Maryland content standards. The program offers professional training to classroom teachers and artists-in-residence, and maintains an updated website promoting opportunities to collaborate with local cultural institutions, and the use of arts integration tools and strategies.

Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

Baltimore, MD

For continued funding of the Supporting Public Schools of Choice initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to provide the technical assistance needed to ensure increased student achievement.

Baltimore City Public Schools - City Neighbors Charter School

Baltimore, MD

In support of the development of a new charter high school, now serving 180 ninth- and tenth-grade students. Based on the progressive model charter school, the City Neighbors High School features the independent project-based learning and advisory system called PODS (groups of 15 students) that meet and work with a teacher for 90 minutes in their own workspaces. PODS were designed to provide leadership development and mentoring for academic skills and work habits.

Baltimore City Public Schools - National Academic League

Baltimore, MD

For support of the 2011-2012 National Academic League (NAL) in 28 Baltimore City public middle schools, involving up to 675 sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students, in a year-long scholastic extracurricular activity. The NAL games are designed to function as competitive events, with team coaching after school two to three times a week under the guidance of teachers. Interscholastic competitions are held every two weeks. Teams that place first and second go on to compete nationally through video conferencing. The purpose is to bring the visibility and spirit of school rivalry of sports competition to academic competition.

Baltimore City Public Schools - Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Baltimore, MD

Toward implementation of the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment system. MAP, in order to assess students' progress throughout the year, offers individualized computerized tests to measure strengths, weaknesses, and growth. The goal is to increase the percentage of students achieving year-to-year improvement on the Maryland State Assessments.

Baltimore City Public Schools - SummerREADS

Baltimore, MD

For support of the 2011 SummerREADS book distribution program and its evaluation of second- and third-grade students in nine high-poverty, low-performing Baltimore City public schools. The first of the three-year summer reading and home library program has been designed to prevent literacy loss over the summer months. With the support of teachers and family members, participating students will be given 12 books to encourage voluntary summer reading.

Baltimore City Public Schools - The Mount Washington School

Baltimore, MD

For the salary and benefits of an International Baccalaureate coordinator at The Mount Washington School. The coordinator will oversee the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) into the school's curriculum and ensure that the IB standards are met. The IB program, emphasizing intellectual challenges and development of critical and reflective skills, focuses on the integration and interrelationship of all content areas in a global context. The program will serve up to 80 students in three sixth-grade classes.

Baltimore Kids Chess League, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For support of the 2011-2012 BCPS Chess Education Project, an after-school program in 60 Baltimore City elementary, middle, and high schools. The long-term strategies are designed to increase the number of after-school chess clubs, provide more effective teacher training for competitive chess, arrange organized chess activities to bring children and community members together, and sponsor more Baltimore students in regional and national tournaments.

Boys Hope Girls Hope

Baltimore, MD

For tuition, fees, and living expenses for eight boys graduating from Boys Hope and enrolled in four-year colleges. It is expected that all promising Boys Hope scholars will maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and finish college. Boys Hope Girls Hope is an educationally focused residential program offering college preparatory education for at-risk, yet academically capable, students.

Carnegie Institution for Science

Baltimore, MD

Toward continued support of the BioEYES science education program in Baltimore City public schools. The week-long, hands-on biology unit provides a student-centered approach to science instruction to more than 3,200 students. The intent of the program is to encourage students to demonstrate enthusiasm for science, and improve the science experience in under-resourced Baltimore City schools.

CollegeBound Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For sixth-year support of the College Retention Project for Last Dollar Grant recipients at participating colleges. The goal of the project is to increase college graduation rates among low-income and first-generation college students from Baltimore City public schools. The students are provided the opportunity for one-on-one and group on-campus counseling sessions, parent/student seasonal workshops, emergency hotlines, identification of learning assistance centers, labs, tutorials, and remedial services.

Destination ImagiNation, Inc.

Cherry Hill, NJ

For the implementation of Destination ImagiNation, a literacy and book distribution program designed to develop creative and critical thinking skills at Baltimore City Head Start pilot sites. The 16-week program serves 500 children in select Head Start classrooms. The program, organized around a Head Start theme/unit, integrates specific read-aloud books and literacy activities each week. Half of the children are given books to keep at home, while the other half participate in classroom literacy activities without taking books home. An evaluation will be made to determine the effectiveness of different approaches.

Fund for Educational Excellence

Baltimore, MD

To grow and enhance the capacity to provide high-quality district innovation support to increase student achievement in Baltimore City public schools. The Fund will design new models to increase and measure teacher and leadership effectiveness, create a pre-screening model for teacher applications, determine the effectiveness of new literacy professional development programs, and develop recommendations for the selection of new and charter schools.

Fund for Educational Excellence - Green Street Academy

Baltimore, MD

For program and resource development for the Green Street Academy, a new transformation high school preparing students for careers in green economy. The curriculum model will prepare students for career paths in green construction, energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and transportation. By integrating career with hands-on and project-based instruction, the students will have the opportunity to do work in school and in the community.

Fund for Educational Excellence - STEM Summer Learning Program

Baltimore, MD

Three-year matching funding for the Middle School STEM Summer Learning Program, which was awarded a federal Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) grant. The primary goal of the summer program is to provide additional out-of-school time and alternative educational opportunities to targeted students so they can increase their mathematics grade-level aptitude. At the same time, the program seeks to develop students' interest in technology, science, and engineering as a motivator to attend college.

Fund for Educational Excellence - Successful Teaching Solutions

Baltimore, MD

Toward support of a research project, "Successful Teaching Solutions," designed to train teachers from Baltimore City public elementary and middle schools to use techniques from Doug Lemov's book, Teach Like a Champion.

Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward the costs of creating a centralized, state-of-the-art commissary and warehouse in the Hoen Lithography building at 2101 East Biddle Street with the capacity of preparing as many as 150,000 meals a day for Baltimore City public school students. When rehabbing of the building is completed and the program is in operation, the commissary is expected to lower costs of meals served in Baltimore City public schools and to improve the nutritional value of students' meals. The commissary will also provide opportunities for Baltimore City Public Schools to realize quality control of food preparation, use locally grown produce, address the problems of childhood obesity, offer student apprenticeships, and create a community educational center offering workshops in healthy eating.

Incentive Mentoring Program (IMP)

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the IMP mentoring program for 80 struggling students at Dunbar High School, the Academy for College and Career Exploration, and Dunbar Middle School. With teams of volunteers from Johns Hopkins University and Medical School graduate programs, the year-round program matches the cohorts of lowest-performing students with a family of mentors to remove obstacles that stand in the way of students being successful. These services include after-school tutoring, basic human needs, transportation, day care, job-placement referral, drug treatment, and college application assistance. As needed, mentors will meet with students three to seven times a week.

Institute of Notre Dame

Baltimore, MD

To provide up to 15 need-based, full four-year scholarships for a ninth-grade student cohort beginning in fall 2012 and available through graduation in June 2016. The goal is to maintain a 100 percent high school graduation rate and a 98 percent college enrollment rate.

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

Two grants in support of a study, "Connecting Housing and Education Policy: Examining Educational Outcomes for the Children of the Baltimore Mobility Program." The purpose of the study is to determine how residential relocation through the mobility program can affect access to school quality for Baltimore City children in the Thompson housing assistance program, as compared to achievement levels of those children who have not yet moved.

Johns Hopkins University - Center for Social Organization of Schools

Baltimore, MD

For support of the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) core research program, and for continued work on College Access for Baltimore City students. Research includes analysis of college retention rates for graduates of city schools, and an evaluation of the CollegeBound College Retention Program. Forthcoming research topics will include: Understanding Under-Credited Students and Credit Recovery, Teacher Pipeline and Pathways, Best Practices for City School Attendance, Access to Higher Education, and Boys Thriving in Baltimore Schools.

Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Baltimore, MD

For an evaluation of the 2011 SummerREADS book distribution program. The evaluation will determine the project's effect on maintaining student achievement in reading over the summer.

KIPP Baltimore, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For support of the KIPP Ujima Village Sixth Grade Intervention/Teaching Fellow pilot program for the 2011-2012 school year. The Teaching Fellow will serve as a full-time co-teacher, with a caseload of 25 students in the sixth-grade math class. The co-teaching model, designed to provide remediation, will enable small-group pullout sessions; one-on-one teacher/student assistance; use of additional learning resources; and increased conferencing with special educators, mental health professionals, and parents.

Learning and Leadership in Families

Washington, DC

Toward support of the Perfectly Punctual Campaign, a preschool through elementary school intervention to reduce chronic absenteeism and lateness in Head Start and Baltimore City public schools. The campaign will provide training, technical assistance, materials, and a structure around punctuality designed to improve school attendance.

Living Classrooms Foundation

Baltimore, MD

Three-year funding for support of the Physical Education Initiative for Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School to address severe gaps in the physical education program. In collaboration with Playworks, the Living Classrooms' Physical Education Initiative will offer at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day with a structured before-school, recess, and after-school program. Along with the oversight of a physical education teacher, Playworks will provide training to school staff, install sports and playground equipment, and initiate intramural soccer and lacrosse programs. The goal is to increase student achievement by engaging the students in physical education.

Maryland Institute College of Art

Baltimore, MD

Two grants to cover senior-year tuition, room and board, and related fees for a Baraka School graduate for the 2011-2012 college year.

National Council on Teacher Quality

Washington, DC

For support of the National Education School Study of 20 teacher-education schools in Maryland. Each school will be rated based on standards used in their teacher training programs, such as selectivity of the admissions process, how well candidates are prepared to teach reading, classroom management training, and the quality of student teaching.

New Leaders for New Schools

Baltimore, MD

For support of the New Leaders Baltimore program to place nine outstanding school principals in Baltimore City public schools for the 2011-2012 school year, and to recruit, train, and place an additional 13 by June 2012. After five weeks of coursework at the Summer Foundations Institute and a one-year full-time residency as an assistant principal alongside a mentoring principal, the New Leader is then placed as a principal in a Baltimore City public school. During the first year, the New Leader receives professional development, coaching, and support. In return, he or she makes a commitment to serve in the city public schools for six years.

Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

For support of the Music Teacher Mentoring Program for first- and second-year elementary and middle school teachers in Baltimore City public schools for the 2011-2012 school year. Special attention is given on a one-to-one basis to lesson planning, delivery of lessons, teaching of rhythm, tone, instrument care, and classroom management strategies.

Public Justice Center, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the Educational Stability Project designed to increase outcomes for Baltimore City public school students suffering disruption due to homelessness, and for those awaiting foster care placements. In collaboration with Baltimore City Public Schools, the project includes hiring a director of homeless services; appointing a primary homeless services contact in each school to be trained to work with homeless students; monitoring test scores, attendance, graduation rates, and mobility; and evaluating compliance and student outcomes.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

Toward the purchase of 10 laptops, software, and a Web-based student and graduation information system. These purchases will enable teachers to use the laptops as teaching tools and to track grades, report cards, attendance, and other data.

Stocks in the Future Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward the expansion of Stocks in the Future from 11 classrooms to 21 middle-grade classrooms in Baltimore City public schools. Participating at-risk students, selected by principals, take a weekly financial management class for three years exploring investment options, as well as how to open a business and "take the company public." They will also be given the opportunity to purchase and track publicly traded stock. Upon graduation, stock ownership will be legally transferred to the students.

Teach For America-Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

For expenses related to the cost of recruiting, selecting, training, and ongoing support for 165 new Teach For America (TFA) corps members, including funding to retain 160 second-year cohort members. The program will develop four TFA alumni for leadership positions as lead faculty, principals, or administrators in Baltimore City public schools for the 2011-2012 school year.

The Community School, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For continued funding of the College Support Program serving current students and graduates of The Community School. The program provides ongoing support and mentoring for students studying to graduate from high school or pass their GED, and to enter and graduate from college.

The Ingenuity Project

Baltimore, MD

For support of the 2011-2012 Ingenuity Project, an intensive math, science, and research curriculum for 510 Baltimore City public middle and high school students. The objective is to increase academic achievement levels by offering superior math and science instruction. Participating students are encouraged to enter national science competitions, undertake a formal research paper, and apply for an internship.

The Piney Woods School

Piney Woods, MS

To provide five scholarships for students from Baltimore City for the 2011-2012 school year, and for the salary of a Retention Counselor. The counselor provides a range of services including monitoring class attendance and participation, overseeing study halls and dormitory behavior, and acting as a liaison and advocate for students and their families.

University of Maryland

College Park, MD

Toward scholarships for the top achievers at the University's A. James Clark School of Engineering to ensure that students continue their education. The additional support to the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute will help support faculty and staff as they educate the next generation of technology entrepreneurs, create successful technology ventures, and connect Maryland companies with university resources.

Workforce Development

A New Faith Community

Baltimore, MD

Two grants toward renovation costs and for expanded programming of the Clay Pots Tutoring Center, an adult literacy and GED program for residents of West Baltimore. Working in partnership with the South Baltimore Learning Center, classes are offered in Adult Basic Education, GED, and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Art with a Heart

Baltimore, MD

For support and expansion of the 2011 Summer Job Program, a visual arts program for 50 at-risk youth from the Rose Street Community Center, Paul's Place, and the Raynor Brown Elementary/ Middle School. Students receive a stipend of $10 a day to create more than 200 marketable pieces of art during the four-week program, and work in the HeARTSware store, for a minimum of four hours, selling their artwork as a job-readiness experience.

Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative. The focus of the grant is to analyze wage gains of participants in three sector-based job-training programs, as well as training programs supported through the Baltimore Integration Partnership Training Fund. The collaborative will use the wage record analysis to determine which program proves to be most effective in moving participants to higher wages.

Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the Pre Allied Health Bridge Project and the Career Coaching Program designed to prepare health-care institution employees to meet the entry requirements for health-care training programs. The Alliance is launching an initiative in which students from Baltimore City public schools can complete the Baltimore City Community College's developmental math requirements during their senior year of high school.

Baltimore Outreach Services, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For support of the Culinary Arts Job Training Program, designed to place at least eight homeless women into internships at local restaurants or food service businesses. The program plans for interns to work 32 hours a week for eight weeks, earning $10 an hour. With an effective system of monitoring, evaluation, and support, the job placement rate is expected to be 80 percent.

BioTechnical Institute of Maryland, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the BioSTART and Laboratory Associates programs, which, upon completion, enable high school graduates and low-skilled workers to pursue entry-level positions in bioscience. The BioSTART program is a 12-week "bridge" program that introduces participants to bioscience terminology, occupations, and lab procedures, and provides math remediation. The Laboratory Associates program consists of nine weeks of lectures and laboratory exercises, and a three-week internship with a biotech laboratory.

Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation

Baltimore, MD

For the purchase and installation of 16 laptop and six desktop computers and software for the Bon Secours computer lab. The equipment will enable Bon Secours to provide free or low-cost tax preparation services to 1,600 tax filers. Bon Secours will also provide 20 residents with at least 30 hours of financial management training, 259 residents with financial counseling, and 155 residents with job-readiness training.

BWI Community Development Foundation

Linthicum, MD

For support of two commuter transportation projects: Work on Wheels provides daily shuttle service to BWI Airport for up to 60 Baltimore City residents; and the Sunrise Shuttle provides weekend transportation service to BWI Airport for 84 Baltimore City residents.

CASA de Maryland, Inc.

Hyattsville, MD

For continued support of the Baltimore Worker Employment Center for day laborers and low-income workers. The center provides employment placement services, financial literacy classes, free tax preparation, referrals to legal and social services, and assistance with citizenship applications.

Center for Urban Families

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of STRIVE Baltimore, a job-training and placement service for men and women. The STRIVE model, an intensive three-week workshop, focuses on job readiness, job placement, post-placement support, one-on-one and group counseling, parenting skills, and case management.

Central Scholarship Bureau, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

To provide tuition assistance to Baltimore City residents seeking vocational training through community colleges and for-profit and nonprofit training providers. The bureau will work with community colleges and workforce providers to identify training opportunities in high-growth industries, and will provide tuition assistance for 60 Baltimore residents and students.