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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2002.


Archdiocese of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

To provide scholarships enabling Baltimore City at-risk students to attend parochial schools in Baltimore City during the 2002-2003 school year, as part of a longitudinal study comparing student performance in Catholic and public schools. By participating in this model delinquency and dropout prevention program, these students are expected to benefit from smaller classes, one-to-one instruction and structured educational settings.

Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore, MD

For support of an initiative to improve outcomes of developmental education through the use of Academic Systems, a computer-based educational product designed to accelerate remedial learning. Academic Systems is a faculty mediated approach that combines traditional instructional methods with interactive multi-media software. The goals are to improve the pass and performance rates of a cohort of Baltimore City Community College students enrolled in pilot developmental courses and to increase the college's retention rate.

Baltimore City Public School System/Baltimore City College

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the 2002-2003 Speech and Debate Program that includes the enhancement of a full-time Mock Trial program.

Baltimore City Public School System/Harbor City Learning Center

Baltimore, MD

In support of the Advanced Studies Program, a dual enrollment college program in collaboration with Baltimore City Community College. The Advanced Studies Program will provide students at an alternative high school serving older students, most of whom had been expelled, failed or dropped out of the traditional high schools, with an opportunity to take college-level courses as well as college remedial courses with faculty from Baltimore City Community College.

Baltimore City Public School System/Midtown Academy

Baltimore, MD

For costs related to the phase-in of the eighth grade at one of the schools created as part of Baltimore City's New Schools Initiative. The final step of the school's expansion to a K-8 school includes minor renovations, purchase of classroom furnishings and resource materials, professional development, curriculum planning and fine arts, music and physical education programming.

Baltimore City Public School System/National Academic League

Baltimore, MD

In support of the 2002-2003 National Academic League in 29 Baltimore City public middle schools. The league provides extracurricular interscholastic programming in a competition and media atmosphere associated with athletic events to encourage higher academic achievement.

Baltimore City Public School System/Southern High School

Baltimore, MD

For the creation of a venture capital fund to provide seed money for advanced student and teacher projects at the new Digital Harbor High School. These projects, chosen from the technology business plans submitted, will be led to the proposal-to-fund stage.

Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore, MD

In support of the implementation of the Baltimore Curriculum Project for the 2002-2003 school year. The project provides planning and management oversight of four schools in Baltimore City's New Schools Initiative and support for planning for an additional New School. The Baltimore Curriculum Project currently offers a combination of Direct Instruction and Core Knowledge and serves as an incubator for a variety of curricula and projects being piloted.

Baraka School

Baltimore, MD

Two grants for expenses related to the construction of new dormitory buildings for eighth-grade students. The boarding school, located in Kenya, provides a residential academic program for 40 at-risk underachieving Baltimore City middle school boys.

Calvert School

Baltimore, MD

Two grants toward administrative assistance in implementing the Calvert curriculum at Dr. Carter G. Woodson Elementary School.

CollegeBound Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For the acquisition of computer equipment to improve the transmission of data between the CollegeBound database and computers at 15 Baltimore City high schools where full-time CollegeBound advisors encourage and assist students in the college application process.

Commonweal Foundation, Inc.

Silver Spring, MD

Two grants for matching funds in support of 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 Pathways to Success boarding school scholarships for eight Baltimore City public school students. All Pathways scholars are required to have summer jobs and to participate in school-based employment or community service during the school year.

Core Knowledge Foundation

Charlottesville, VA

In support of the implementation of the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence in all Baltimore County Head Start Centers; three Baltimore City Public System School preschools; and one private preschool, for the 2002-2003 school year. The purpose of this initiative is to help the participating Head Start Centers refocus their curriculum on school readiness.

Educational Opportunity Program

Baltimore, MD

For staffing of a full-time facilitator to increase the high school graduation rate among Baraka School graduates by providing a constructive role model, academic and social support, and links to college and career counseling.

Fund for Educational Excellence

Baltimore, MD

Two grants for expenses related to the ongoing evaluation of the academic performance rates of former Baltimore City public school students now attending parochial schools, as compared to a selected peer group in the Baltimore City Public School System.

KIPP Baltimore, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward the establishment of a Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) Academy, a middle school (grades 5 to 8) based on high expectations for academic achievement and conduct, extended day, community leadership skill training, music training, mandatory enrichment weekend programs and summer school.

Office of the Mayor

Baltimore, MD

For support of the Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowship Summer 2002 Program. The program placed 12 graduate and six undergraduate students in City agencies for ten weeks during the summer. The purpose of the program is to generate interest in pursuing careers in Baltimore City government among qualified university students.

Parks & People Foundation

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of SuperKids Camp 2002, a six-week summer educational, cultural and recreational program for third-grade Baltimore City public school students performing below grade level.

Teach For America-Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

For the continuation of an initiative to recruit, train and provide ongoing support for 85 new Teach For America corps members. These recent college graduates, who make a two-year commitment to teach in Baltimore City public schools, are also offered an opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Johns Hopkins University.

The Ingenuity Project

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the 2002-2003 Ingenuity Project, an intensive math and science curriculum for Baltimore City public middle- and high-school students, with emphasis on scientific research and preparation for national competitions.

The Piney Woods School

Piney Woods, MS

To provide scholarships for selected underachieving students from Baltimore City for the 2002-2003 school year. The grant also includes funding for the salary of a retention counselor whose responsibilities are to encourage positive attitudes, appropriate social behavior and academic achievement.

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Baltimore, MD

A five-year grant toward establishment of the Walter and Janet Sondheim Public Affairs Scholarship Program.

Health & Human Services

A Step Forward, Inc./Temple Hope House, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Seed funding of an initiative to provide transitional housing and drug treatment programs to adults in Baltimore City, with a focus on the returning ex-offender.

Alternative Directions, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For the purchase of a database program with capacity of tracking client demographics, outreach services received, referrals, contact with employers and program-related performance outcomes. The intent of the program is to reach non-custodial parents entering the prison system and provide them with child support services.

American Institute for Social Justice/ACORN

Baltimore, MD

For a comprehensive lead poisoning prevention program in the Park Heights area. The initiative allows for an increase in the number of children that can be tested, and a strengthening of abatement and legal enforcement efforts.

Aunt Hattie's Place, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For renovation costs of a long-term family-style residential home in Montgomery County for 12 homeless boys in Baltimore City's foster care system.

Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development/Office of Homeless Services

Baltimore, MD

Matching grant to provide additional emergency winter shelter for homeless women and children in Baltimore City.

Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Three grants for the purchase and renovation of properties for use as transitional housing, administrative space, and a laundromat for Recovery In Community clients participating in a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. The funds also support staff training and equipment.

Baltimore Pediatric HIV Program, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For the purchase of a 15-passenger van to transport children with HIV/AIDS (ages two to four) and their parents served by the Day and Respite Program. The comprehensive and holistic program includes full-day child care, parental support groups, outreach and referral services, and prevention and educational programs.

Baltimore Police Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the DNA Cold Case Project that uses DNA technology to identify Baltimore's most violent offenders and to help clear innocent individuals.

Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation

Baltimore, MD

For second-year support of the Bon Secours Youth Employment and Career Development Project. The program helps high-school students to obtain after-school employment and plan future careers. It provides formal training sessions in financial literacy, leadership, and post-high school education planning.

Center for Poverty Solutions

Baltimore, MD

Toward the development of the Maryland Justice Coalition, an initiative to address adult justice issues in Baltimore City. The coalition will focus on three strategic areas: over-representation and over-incarceration of poor people and people of color, institutional reforms, and reentry and integration back into the community.

Community Resources

Baltimore, MD

For the development of the Metro Green Urban Tree Nursery and Training Center. Established on a reclaimed brownfield to provide a source of street trees, the Center will also offer horticultural and tree care training and landscaping skills to unemployed Baltimore City residents.

Druid Heights Community Development Corporation

Baltimore, MD

Start-up funds for the establishment of the New Life Recovery Program, a transitional recovery house for ex-offenders in Baltimore City.

Franciscan Center

Baltimore, MD

Toward the cost of computer upgrades for the Health Support Initiative, an emergency outreach program for the poor in Baltimore City. This enhancement will enable the Center to be electronically linked to other service providers when meeting clients' needs.

Frederick Community Action Agency

Frederick, MD

For the purchase of a box-type cargo van to transport donated, usable surplus food for the mobile food bank serving people living in poverty on the outskirts of Frederick.

Good Samaritan Hospital of Maryland, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

In support of the development of a clinical nursing assistant certificate program. This six-week training program will be offered to selected current employees as an opportunity to enhance their professional knowledge while preparing them for nursing school.

Harford-Belair Community Mental Health Center, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward the purchase and renovation costs of two houses in Northeast Baltimore to provide housing and residential rehabilitation services to chronically mentally ill substance abuse clients.

Heart's Place Shelter

Baltimore, MD

For renovations to a kitchen and bathrooms in a winter emergency shelter for homeless men, women and children in the Midtown area.

Homeless Persons Representation Project, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

In support of an initiative designed to reduce employment discrimination against ex-offenders by providing direct legal services to ex-offenders. The initiative will also create a legislative agenda advocating changes to selected state employment policies that create barriers to job-seeking ex-offenders.

Job Opportunities Task Force

Baltimore, MD

Challenge grant toward the salary of the program director of the Transitional Jobs Consortium, a newly created transitional employment program for ex-offenders in Baltimore City. The purpose of the program is to provide services that will help stabilize ex-offenders as they reenter the community.

Job Opportunities Task Force

Baltimore, MD

For the continuation of a comparative study of Baltimore's workforce development system and workforce development systems in other cities with similar demographics. Components of the study include a review of the cities' welfare-to-work systems; one-stop centers for adults who are not on welfare, youth programs, local community colleges' curricula, public schools' vocational and dropout prevention programs, literacy programs, and public housing workforce initiatives.

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Baltimore, MD

For the completion of a study on Medicaid managed care and family planning in Baltimore City. The research addresses two issues: the path women take as they move from traditional Medicaid coverage to enrollment in managed care organizations; and how mandated managed care affects the providers of reproductive health services to the Medicaid population.

Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies

Baltimore, MD

Toward staffing costs of a senior research analyst to manage and staff the Evaluation and Accountability Committee of the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board. As part of the project, the analyst will provide recommendations for improving Baltimore's Workforce Development System by creating an "evaluation landscape map" of research being conducted. The purpose of this effort is to determine the gaps in data collection and analyses. With partnering agencies and other Workforce Investment Board members, the analyst will create performance measures of Baltimore's workforce development system for validation and implementation by the Workforce Investment Board.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Baltimore, MD

For general support and staffing of Maternity Center East, a women's health care and family planning facility serving low-income residents of East Baltimore. The Center provides family planning, prenatal, obstetric and primary health care to approximately 3,000 patients who are uninsured or underinsured.

Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Third-year funding for an initiative to meet the needs of noncustodial parents whose child support obligations exceed their ability to pay. By providing individual representation, Legal Aid has been able to identify recurring issues that adversely affect noncustodial parents, such as driver's license suspensions, reports to credit agencies, and denial of access to child support records.

Man Alive Research, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Challenge grant toward construction costs of completing a facility for expansion of outpatient methadone maintenance treatment services for heroin-addicted individuals.

Maryland Center for Arts and Technology, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Planning grant for the development of the East Baltimore Technology and Resource Center to provide entry-level workers with on-the-job experience in computer repair and network management.

Maryland Food Bank

Baltimore, MD

For transportation expenses, gleaning costs, storage and salaries for the implementation of the Fresh Foods for Families program, providing fresh produce gleaned by volunteers from regional farms with leftover harvests.

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

Baltimore, MD

For support of an initiative to increase the use of the Earned Income Tax Credit and free legal and tax preparation services at ten Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites for low-income families and individuals in Baltimore City. The initiative provides for training of volunteers and site coordinators and marketing efforts.