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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2001.


Archdiocese of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

To provide scholarships enabling Baltimore City public school at-risk students to attend parochial schools in Baltimore City during the 2001-2002 school year. By participating in this model delinquency and dropout prevention program, these students are expected to benefit from smaller classes, one-to-one instruction and a structured educational setting.

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

To provide tuition assistance at St. Elizabeth of Hungary School for children of the purchasers of Patterson Park Community Development Corporation's renovated homes.

Arts Education in Maryland Schools Consortium

Baltimore, MD

Two grants for general support of programs designed to integrate the cultural arts into the curriculum of Maryland's public schools.

Baltimore Academy of Excellence

Baltimore, MD

For scholarships to enable 22 inner-city students to attend the Academy's Traditional School and Special Needs School in a year-round structured learning environment. The Academy enrolls students who have failed in a regular public school setting and who can take advantage of its specialized curriculum, individualized attention and counseling.

Baltimore City Public School System/100 Book Challenge

Baltimore, MD

To support a coordinator to assist with the implementation of the 100 Book Challenge program in elementary schools. The program is designed to help teachers, families, and administrators create positive environments in which children learn to read independently.

Baltimore City Public School System/Baltimore City College

Baltimore, MD

For support of the 2001-2002 Speech and Debate Program, including field trips to colleges; and for a summer camp component.

Baltimore City Public School System/Edgecombe Circle Elementary School

Baltimore, MD

In support of the Bridges to Learning Program for the 2001-2002 school year. The program consists of individualized assessments of students' cognitive and perceptual learning abilities and individualized plans for remediation based on the Structure of Intellect model of intelligence.

Baltimore City Public School System/Fast ForWord Computer-Based Program

Baltimore, MD

To evaluate the "Fast ForWord" computer-based training program, a reading program designed for children with language-based learning impairments. The program incorporates adaptive technology, matching participants' incoming skill level, while focusing on re-enforcing key predictors to reading success: phonemic awareness, phonological awareness and language skills.

Baltimore City Public School System/John Ruhrah Elementary School

Baltimore, MD

For costs of a staff assistant to implement the Bridges to Learning Program, a model for remediation of reading deficits.

Baltimore City Public School System/Lake Clifton-Eastern High School

Baltimore, MD

For the continuation and expansion of the NOVEL/STARS on-line educational system at Lake Clifton Eastern High School, Francis M. Wood Alternative School and the Fairmount-Harford Alternative School for the 2001-2002 school year. This computerized school-based educational program is designed as a prevention project for students at risk of dropping out of school.

Baltimore City Public School System/National Academic League

Baltimore, MD

In support of the 2001-2002 National Academic League in Baltimore City middle schools. The league provides extracurricular interscholastic programming in a competition and media atmosphere associated with athletic events to encourage higher academic achievement.

Baltimore City Public School System/Southwestern High School

Baltimore, MD

For administrative support for the Pre-nursing Academy, created to reduce the dropout rate, provide exploration of career opportunities and help relieve nursing shortage.

Baltimore City Public School System/Tench Tilghman Elementary School

Baltimore, MD

For the continued support of the Inside-Out Program, an environmental education program for third- and fifth-grade students. This scientifically-based curriculum involves creating a "green space" schoolyard garden, cooking classes, clean-ups, and a three-day camping trip with pre- and post-expedition briefings.

Baltimore City Public School System/The Midtown Academy

Baltimore, MD

For completion of the third-floor building renovations to house the middle school, and for start-up costs of the phased-in seventh grade. As one of the New Schools, Midtown Academy is managed by a team of parents, teachers and an administrator.

Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore, MD

Two grants in support of the implementation of the Baltimore Curriculum Project for the 2001-2002 school year. The Project will also provide oversight for City Springs Elementary School and the Barclay School, two New Schools operating under a quasi-charter status.

Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore, MD

Three grants for the implementation of a blend of the French model of preschool curriculum and the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence in Baltimore County Head Start Centers and three Baltimore City Public School System preschools. The objective of this effort is to develop an effective preschool curriculum that will prepare at-risk two- to four-year-olds for kindergarten in a structured preschool setting.

Baltimore Curriculum Project

Baltimore, MD

For services provided by the Baltimore City Public School System for FY2000 in support of the Baltimore Curriculum Project. The curriculum provides daily lesson plans combining two nationally known curricula, Direct Instruction and Core Knowledge.

Baltimore Reads, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For an evaluation of Baltimore City's adult literacy program to determine average cost of the programs and their effectiveness in changing the income levels of participants.

Core Knowledge Foundation

Charlottesville, VA

Planning grant to fund the search for a project director, and for creation of prototypes and related materials for the language arts lesson plans focused on vocabulary. The goal of this project is to reduce the literacy gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.

Earthspan/Center for Conservation Research & Technology/University of Maryland Baltimore County

Catonsville, MD

For the implementation of Eye of the Falcon, an educational pilot program in math, science and wildlife conservation research within the Ingenuity Project curriculum in Baltimore City public middle schools.

Fund for Educational Excellence

Baltimore, MD

Five-year funding in support of a collaborative high school reform initiative in nine zoned Baltimore City high schools and the creation of six to ten "Innovation" small high schools. The objective of this major collaborative is to reduce the drop-out rate and to increase student achievement by improving academic rigor, creating more advanced leadership and raising the level of teaching.

Fund for Educational Excellence

Baltimore, MD

In support of an ongoing evaluation comparing the effects of Catholic education programs and those of the Baltimore City Public School System. A selected number of at-risk inner-city youth will be in the study.

Kipp Foundation

San Francisco, CA

A planning grant for the establishment of the Kipp Academy-Baltimore City, a highly structured, extended day, cultural arts-based academic program.

Morgan State University

Baltimore, MD

Toward expenses of the Jumpstart Program, a work-study education program for college students to tutor preschool children in an effort to improve academic achievement.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

New York, NY

For the implementation of the Get Ready to Read! assessment tool in the Baltimore County Head Start Centers, designed to determine extent of the children's reading readiness.

Parks & People Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the SuperKids Camp 2001, a six-week summer school educational, cultural and recreational program for inner-city Baltimore City public school students entering third grade who are performing below grade level.

Teach For America-Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

For expansion of the program to recruit, select, train and provide ongoing support for 100 Teach For America corps members. Recent college graduates are then placed in 34 Baltimore City public schools.

The Baraka School, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For the continuation of The Baraka School residential program for the 2002-2003 school year.

The Baraka School, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward operating expenses for the 2001-2002 school year. The boarding school, located in Kenya, provides a residential academic program for 21 at-risk underachieving Baltimore City middle-school boys.

The Ingenuity Project

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the 2001-2002 Ingenuity Project, an intensive math and science curriculum for Baltimore City public middle and high school students with emphasis on scientific research and preparation for national competitions.

The Piney Woods School

Piney Woods, MS

To provide scholarships at a boarding school for selected at-risk Baltimore City adolescent male students for the 2001-2002 school year. The grant includes funding for the salary of a retention counselor whose responsibilities are to encourage positive attitudes, appropriate social behavior and academic achievement.

Health & Human Services

Alternative Directions, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward costs of staffing to assist incarcerated fathers file for modifications of child support payments.

Baltimore City Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the Baltimore Stars Coalition's participation in the 2001 Amateur Athletic Union boys' national basketball tournament.

Baltimore City Health Department

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of ChildSight, a vision screening program for Baltimore City public middle-school students for the 2001-2002 school year. The program, expanding to 40 schools, enables over 12,000 students to be screened for vision correction needs. Free on-site refractive error eye examinations and eyeglasses are available through third-party payments.

Baltimore City Healthy Start, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Third-year funding of Recovery In Community, a substance abuse prevention and recovery initiative. The purpose of the citywide program is to expand the number of treatment slots and increase the resources and supports available to recovering addicts and their families. By assessing the effectiveness of a comprehensive continuum of community-based supports, the program aims to reduce relapses and drug-related crime.

Baltimore City Public School System/Universal Classroom Breakfast Program

Baltimore, MD

Two grants to provide gap funding for non-reimbursable breakfasts for the Universal Breakfast Program in classrooms in seven schools during the 2001-2002 school year. The program is part of an ongoing study to determine the long-term effects of students' participation in breakfast in the classroom (as opposed to the cafeteria) on attendance, tardiness, incidence of disciplinary action, academic achievement and the Maryland State Performance and Assessment Program.

Baltimore Efficiency & Economy Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Baltimore City Early Disposition Court. The court was established in 2000 to reduce the backlog of cases in the criminal courts. It was established to handle criminal defendants charged with misdemeanors who are eligible for release on their own recognizance.

Baltimore Police Foundation

Baltimore, MD

To purchase in-car video camera equipment for 50 police vehicles. The purpose of this initiative is to promote officer safety, at the same time, realize more effective criminal investigations and arrests.

Baltimore Police Foundation

Baltimore, MD

For the purchase of information technology equipment for support of the Police Court Liaison Program. The installation of a computerized system will enable electronic transfer of summonses and provide a scheduling matrix and 24-hour hotline.

Baltimore Police Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the planning and development of the Recruitment Initiative, designed to attract qualified candidates for Baltimore City's police force.

Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For a feasibility study of the proposed merger of the Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems and the Baltimore Mental Health Systems.

BioTechnical Institute of Maryland, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Toward planning and implementation of programmatic scaleup, sustainability initiatives and a feasibility study of a potential relocation to the BioPark area in East Baltimore.

Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the Bon Secours Youth Employment and Career Development Project. The program assists high school students to obtain after school employment and plan for their future careers, and provides formal training sessions in financial literacy, leadership, and post-high school education planning.

Boys Hope Girls Hope

Bridgeton, MO

For the purchase of a house in Baltimore City to use as a residential group home for eight at-risk boys. The residential program includes an educational component.

BUILD Fellowship, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Capital funding for the renovation of three houses in high-risk communities for persons recovering from substance abuse.

Center for Promotion of Child Development Through Primary Care

Millersville, MD

For the development and implementation of the Child Health and Development Interactive System (CHADIS), a computer interactive system with the capacity to identify and monitor psychological and developmental problems. The program provides a diagnostic and referral tool in order to improve the assessment of, and access to, treatment for mental health needs of children.

Charles Village Community Foundation, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

For the purchase, installation and maintenance of 12 security video cameras to be placed in the Waverly business district. The project is intended to reduce the number of armed robberies and other crimes as well as to increase the perception of safety for local merchants and their customers.

Courage To Change

Baltimore, MD

To provide the first month's rent and a package of personal effects to 48 homeless recovering men and women. The residents will be given housing for one year in a transitional housing program while they stabilize their lives, find jobs and remain drug-free.

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Baltimore, MD

For an evaluation of the Technology Center to determine the effectiveness of current programming designed to help clients seek better paying jobs and increased personal growth. The study also addresses staffing and physical plant needs.

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

Two-year funding of a workforce development initiative for persons leaving Maryland prisons and returning to Baltimore City. The program, providing 14 weeks of transitional services to up to 120 inmates at a time, will assist all participants in securing gainful employment through intensive job readiness training, life skills and computer training and job placements.