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Types of Funding Provided

The Abell Foundation is dedicated to joining others in seeking solutions to pervasive and stubborn social and economic problems.

The Foundation funds nonprofit organizations located and active in Maryland. Our focus is on Baltimore City, with more than 95 percent of our grants being awarded to organizations in the Baltimore metropolitan area. 

The Foundation provides two types of program funding, depending upon the project request:


The Foundation awards three types of grants:

  • seed funding for start-ups and demonstration programs aimed at finding innovative solutions to recalcitrant problems;
  • support for ongoing projects that provide much-needed services; and
  • capital grants that support new construction, renovation, purchase of property, and/or capital equipment.

Please note that the Foundation prefers not to fund ongoing operational expenses.  It does not award grants to individuals, sponsorships, deficit financing, or travel.

Program-Related Investments (PRIs)

In addition to traditional grants, the Foundation makes program-related investments (PRIs).  PRIs are typically low-cost loans or loan guarantees and equity investments provided at below-market rates and with expected higher levels of risk.  Like grants, PRIs are made to support a charitable activity in one of our core areas of interest.  Unlike grants, PRIs are expected to be repaid and may provide a financial return over the course of the investment.  The Foundation has utilized PRIs to help schools and other nonprofits secure loans to modernize and expand their facilities, to provide housing assistance through a revolving loan fund, to provide capital to nonprofits seeking to offer jobs and job training to unemployed individuals, and to secure stable facilities for organizations providing critical social services. --