Staff Biography

Eileen O’Rourke

Director of Impact Investing

As Director of Impact Investing, Eileen collaborates with local partners to create financing solutions that advance the Foundation’s mission-related goals, including evaluating, promoting, and managing direct investments in local early-stage companies. She actively supports the growing Baltimore innovation ecosystem and participates with management teams in commercializing promising technologies, and leads the Foundation’s green energy investment in OTEC International.

Eileen joined the Abell Foundation in 1999, and brings over thirty years of experience in building effective teams, problem solving and innovating, elevating financial management, reporting and operations, and managing diverse projects to successful outcomes. A former KPMG Manager and Legg Mason Vice-President, Eileen is a certified public accountant, a registered securities broker, and a certified financial and operations principal. Eileen has deep Baltimore roots; she graduated summa cum laude from Loyola College and currently serves on various boards and committees including Pixelligent, Cooltech, and the Propel Baltimore Funds.

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