Leave Your Car Where You Parked It

May 2002 / Abell Reports / Community Development

Get from the Inner Harbor to Inner Harbor East, Fells Point and Canton in about 20 minutes on SMRTram — with fun stops along the way.

Just a few miles east of Baltimore’s world-renowned Inner Harbor attractions lies another world of attractions, Inner Harbor East, Fells Point, and Canton—so near and yet so far. So near— because the entire complex
is only a few miles distant; but so far—because the streets and traffic and parking problems of a busy city too often discourage taking one’s car to make the drive. The question for planners: how to move people from the Inner Harbor to Inner Harbor East, Fells Point, and Canton, and back, comfortably, safely, and in a time span acceptable to both tourists and business types, and just as important, how to serve the East Baltimore residents going to and back from downtown. City and State transportation planners are deliberating five possible answers—light rail, trolley, elevated people mover, bus and subway. This report will present a sixth, and present the arguments of those who believe that this additional alternative is in the short term the most desirable one; it is called SMRTram, and it is like no other mode of transportation the City has ever seen.