Past Grants

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

$85,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of a study analyzing the potential for additional offshore wind in Maryland and the Maryland Climate Justice Campaign to promote policies that benefit communities of color with low net wealth who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Civic Works Inc.

$65,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of a pilot project to provide five low-income households with home electrification services by replacing gas appliances and heating systems with electric models that will support healthier homes, reduce energy consumption, and strengthen household finances.

Institute for Energy & Environmental Research

$35,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of an equity study on Maryland’s energy transition that centers adoption by low-income households. The study will propose alternatives to current energy policy and investments to accelerate electrification of homes, prevent high consumer cost burdens, and better address the climate crisis.

Maryland PIRG Foundation

$40,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of the Smart Energy Solutions campaign to improve implementation and impact of Maryland’s energy efficiency program to achieve greater, more equitable consumer and climate benefits.

Blue Water Baltimore, Inc.

$50,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of clean water and watershed protection, targeted policy work to elevate community concerns, legislative advocacy, and litigation to hold polluters accountable under the Clean Water Act. This grant provides staff support to address top pollutants plaguing Baltimore City and its waterways: stormwater runoff and sewage overflows.

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