Past Grants

Past grants archive does not include small grants of $10,000 or less.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

$60,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of a campaign to promote clean energy, advance electrification of the building sector, and reduce climate pollution from greenhouse gases and fossil fuel infrastructure in and around Baltimore.

Energy Justice Network

$50,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of staff and operational costs for the Clean Air Baltimore Coalition project, which focuses on deconstruction instead of demolition for older buildings, and building decarbonization with a focus on meeting the city’s climate goals by electrifying the district energy heating system.

Blue Water Baltimore Inc.

$70,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of advocacy for sewer and stormwater infrastructure investment and science-based improvements to decrease pollutants in Baltimore’s waterways, improve local water quality and public health, and build climate equity and resiliency among Baltimore City communities.

Chesapeake Legal Alliance

$50,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of building legal resources and working with Baltimore’s most vulnerable communities to address water pollution and reduce industrial discharge through enforcement of permits in compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Baltimore Tree Trust

$60,000 / 2022 / Environment

In support of Baltimore Tree Trust’s Community Forester Corps program, which creates employment pathways through classroom and hands-on training in tree planting and maintenance, urban forestry, and tree mapping and data management.

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