Past Grants

Past grants archive does not include small grants of $10,000 or less.

Environmental Defense Fund

$75,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of leveraging federal resources to implement projects that will reduce emissions and and associated health impacts from freight and cargo transportation in collaboration with the Port of Baltimore, one of the city’s largest and most concentrated sources of emissions.

Environmental Integrity Project

$50,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of the “Baltimore Environmental Justice Campaign,” which works to improve health and quality of life in Baltimore neighborhoods that are most harmed by environmental pollution by ensuring residents’ voices are heard in key regulatory and decision-making processes, strengthening state regulation of pollution sources, and encouraging waste reduction and diversion.

Maryland PIRG Foundation

$40,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of the Smart Energy Solutions campaign to improve implementation of Maryland’s energy efficiency policies and programs to achieve greater and more equitable consumer and climate benefits.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

$60,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of advancing the Baltimore Greenway to bring nature, recreation, and connectivity to residents across Baltimore.

Baltimore Tree Trust

$75,000 / 2023 / Environment

In support of Baltimore Tree Trust’s Neighborhood Forestry Initiative, which offers hands-on training in tree planting and maintenance to create viable employment pathways, increase Baltimore’s tree canopy, and improve the health of neighborhood residents.

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