Past Grants

Baltimore Corps

$95,700 / 2022 / Education

In support of the Baltimore Corps Mayoral Internship Program, which allows 15 students to participate in ten-week, full-time internships in city offices and agencies and work on executive-level projects.

Baltimore Curriculum Project Inc.

$250,000 / 2022 / Education

In support of Baltimore Curriculum Project’s renovation of Hampstead Hill Academy, which will add approximately 15,000 square feet of space, four new classrooms, a dedicated gymnasium, an auditorium/performing arts space, and a rooftop recreational area.

Holistic Life Foundation Inc.

$25,000 / 2022 / Education

In support of Holistic Life Foundation’s Mindful Moment program, which provides partner schools with mindfulness coaches who are dedicated to expanding mindfulness practices for students and staff.

Ingenuity Project Inc.

$370,000 / 2022 / Education

In support of The Ingenuity Project’s gifted and talented math and science instructional program for 924 Baltimore City students.

Modern Classrooms Project

$50,000 / 2022 / Education

In support of Modern Classrooms Project’s blended, self-paced, and mastery-based instructional support for 50 Baltimore City teachers.

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