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Prevention, Intervention, and Policy Strategies to Respond to ACEs in Baltimore

December, 2019

Baltimore City has some of the highest incidence rates of Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, in Maryland. ACEs include experiences of child maltreatment and other family problems such as domestic violence and parental incarceration. Not only are these ACEs common, but they frequently co-occur. The cost of ACEs to the individual—and to society—is enormous. ACEs are associated with increased risk for a broad range of negative social outcomes, psychiatric and substance use disorders, health risk behaviors, and medical health problems.

An Auto Insurance Lifeline for Safe Driving, Lower-Income Marylanders

November 2019

Too many Maryland drivers face prohibitively high auto insurance premiums when trying to comply with the state’s mandatory insurance. For these residents, the options of not driving at all or driving uninsured in violation of state law each comes with deep downsides – economic immobility or expensive fines. Many other low- and moderate-income residents buy auto insurance for a time but simply cannot keep up with the cost of coverage, leaving them either intermittently uninsured or severely financially stressed.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

November 2019

Baltimore is losing more people to drug overdose than ever before. Between 2011 and 2018, there was a 500% increase in the number of people who died of an overdose. This stunning rise has led city and state officials to increase funding and programming for overdose prevention. However, these efforts have not been able to adequately address the crisis.  The city should rethink its approach to substance use disorder and adopt a more comprehensive approach.

Beloved Community Services Corporation

Beloved Community Services Corporation, led by Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, aims to provide the tools necessary to bridge the knowledge, economic, educational, digital and political gaps that cause many of the social issues that plague Baltimore.  This grant is in support of conducting research on Baltimore City residents’ attitudes on public safety initiatives, with the goal of improving safety and security in Baltimore City.

WYPR - Your Public Radio

Baltimore and Maryland face critically important and increasingly difficult environmental issues and public health challenges while news organization coverage has shrunk dramatically over the last decade. WYPR, Baltimore’s local radio station, offers “The Environment in Focus,” a weekly program providing listeners with engaging and informative stories about the environment and environmental issues from air pollution, sea level rise, and endangered species to relevant federal rulings, state policy analysis and city actions.

United Way of Central Maryland, Inc.

The United Way’s Homelessness Prevention Program works to identify and quickly stabilize families when they enter crisis – then provide coaching and support to help them increase their income and become more self-sufficient. This grant helped launch a new program site at James McHenry Elementary/Middle School that serves 20 families a year and assists students in avoiding disruptive school transfers. The project is in collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  

Success for All Foundation, Inc.

The JHU-affiliated Success for All Foundation is launching its successful Tutoring with Lightning Squad (or Lightning Squad) reading intervention hoping to serve 800 children in up to 15 City Elementary Schools in 2019-20.Tutoring with the Lightning Squad is a small group, web-based reading intervention for struggling readers in first through third grade.  Lighting Squad trained tutors provide daily 30-minute tutoring sessions to groups of four children with the support of the on-line Sesame Street literacy program.

STEM Champions of Baltimore / Fund for Educational Excellence

Like many of Abell's afterschool academic sports programs, STEM Champions of Maryland trains teacher coaches to prepare middle & high school students for the National Science Olympiad Tournament each Spring. Providing robust curricula and materials for each of the 18 Olympiad activities, STEM Champions also brings STEM professionals and volunteers to work with teachers in the afterschool practices.

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, Inc.

Launched in 2014, St. Vincent de Paul's Front Door program provides short-term rent subsidies coupled with housing search assistance, intensive case management, and employment support to homeless families in Baltimore City.  Over the past five years, the program has placed over 250 families into privately owned housing, and almost all remained housed one year after exiting the program.  St. Vincent de Paul tailors services to the needs of each family to ensure that the families achieve stability and are able to remain housed.  While the housing costs are covered by the U.S.


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