Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, Inc.

Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition provides research on economic rights and consumer protection issues; educates policymakers and the public about economic rights issues, and provides consumer awareness and education campaigns to individuals and organizations. MCRC serves low-income homeowners and renters through the Low Income Forgotten Tax (LIFT) program that helps them access the Homeowners and Renters Tax Credit programs and public benefits. This grant provided support staff and outreach expenses for the LIFT program.

Maryland Center for Adult Training, Inc.

The Maryland Center for Adult Training (MCAT) provides market-specific, technology-based, vocational training for the economically disadvantaged Baltimore City residents.  Last year, MCAT enrolled 87 Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (CNA/GNA) students.  Of the 87 students enrolled, 74 students (or 85 percent) completed their certification training, with a grade average of 85 percent or higher.

The Literacy Lab

As the first national replication partner of the successful Minnesota Reading Corps,The Literacy Lab’s core capability is delivering research and evidence-based literacy interventions to students in high poverty schools who are at risk for reading failure by the end of third grade.

Job Opportunities Task Force

The Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF) is an independent nonprofit organization that works to develop and advocate policies and programs to increase the skills, job opportunities, and incomes of low-skill, low-income Maryland workers and job seekers.  In partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), JOTF operates Project JumpStart, a pre-apprenticeship construction program that provides low-income Baltimore City residents with 14 weeks of pre-apprenticeship training in plumbing, electrical and carpentry.  With funding from the Abell Foundation, Project Jumpstart plans to serv

Jews United for Justice

JUFJ will continue to work with the Public Justice Center to monitor the new licensing and inspection requirements for all rental units in Baltimore City to ensure effective implementation, pursue changes to Rent Court processes that provide greater tenant defenses, and advocate for legislative changes to better protect tenants.

Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc.

Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. (HNI) is a citywide initiative that promotes investment in “middle Neighborhoods” through resident engagement, a focus on promoting neighborhood assets, and investment in housing stock.  HNI serves 41 neighborhoods across the City. This grant provided support for core program activities and expansion to other neighborhoods.

Environmental Integrity Project

Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) advocates for effective enforcement of environmental laws to hold polluters accountable and engages in permitting, regulatory and enforcement proceedings to reduce pollution and improve public health. Through their Baltimore Environmental Justice Campaign, the organization conducts data analysis, produces technical memoranda, creates legal strategies and builds community partnerships to reduce disparate impacts of toxic air pollution on low-income communities. 

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) works with the Port of Baltimore, one of the City’s largest and most concentrated sources of emissions, to reduce air pollution associated with freight and cargo transportation. EDF’s extremely capable science and policy staff bring data analysis and evaluation skills, environmental information sharing, and best practice emissions reduction and clean energy implementation from their work with ports across the country.

CASA de Maryland, Inc.

The Baltimore Welcome Center provides employment placement services for day laborers and low-income workers who begin to assemble early in the morning in the hope of being selected for jobs in construction, landscaping, home improvement, sanitation, and other day-to-day, physical labor-intensive jobs.

Building STEPS, Inc.

Building STEPS provides promising students from Baltimore's non-academic criteria high schools interested in science and technology (STEM) with an education in workplace dynamics and internships, as well as counseling in college and career choices in a program that spans from 11th grade through college to career. Building STEPS intends for 88 percent of its participants to earn a post-secondary degree, and the vast majority will be the first in their family to graduate from college.


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