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Up2Us Sports

Up2Us aims to engage, train and support sports coaches to transform youth, programs and communities.  The organization partners with AmeriCorps to offer year-long coaching placements with schools and community programs as a service learning opportunity. This grant will help subsidize the cost-share for community-based programs that operate in-person programming so that they are able to hire a high-quality coach.  

University of Baltimore Foundation

The University of Baltimore School of Law Truancy Court Program (TCP) identifies young people who are at risk for delinquency, substance use, gang involvement, and other behavioral problems linked to truancy and school disengagement.  The primary goal of the TCP is to reduce truancy by reconnecting students and their families with their schools in order to break the school-to-prison pipeline.  The holistic approach utilized by the TCP involves multiple components that include mentoring, continual and consistent follow-up and oversight, tutoring, social services referrals, legal guidance, an

Strong Schools Maryland, Fiscally Sponsored by Fund for Educational Excellence

Strong Schools Maryland, founded in spring 2017, is an educational advocacy organization with a goal for an adequately funded education system in which virtually all Maryland students graduate on time from high school. Strong Schools is committed to securing the legislative votes to override the gubernatorial veto of the 2020 Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.  Now, working as a permanent organization, Strong Schools will continue its grassroots statewide advocacy to monitor the full implementation of the Kirwan Commission recommendations.  

Southeast Community Development Corporation

Southeast CDC will continue to implement an eviction prevention program called “Family Stability for our Community Schools” in Southeast and East Baltimore. The program is based on a national model combining intensive casework, connection to resources and emergency funding, aimed at preventing families and children from the destabilizing effects of eviction, successive moves, change in schools and homelessness.

South Baltimore Learning Center

South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC) has provided adult education services for nearly three decades, serving over 700 adult students each year.  Three years ago, with funding from the Abell Foundation, SBLC established an office and classroom at the Regional Skills Training Center in Park Heights.  Working with sector skills training programs, SBLC provided 60 students with remedial instruction in math and reading.  On average, students gained 2.5 levels in reading and 4.0 levels in math.

The Samaritan Community

The Samaritan Community provides support to families and individuals who are in crisis, using an individualized approach that addresses the unique needs of each client.  The vast majority of clients served are unemployed, and many have chronic illnesses, including mental health and substance use disorders.  The center's programs include a food pantry, emergency financial assistance, individual and group counseling, and referrals.  This grant supports the Samaritan Community's regular programs, as well as a special fund established to meet the needs of clients who have been directly impacted

NorthBay Education

NorthBay Academy is a sixteen-week, residential educational program provided to 300 Baltimore City Public Schools sixth graders during the first semester of the 2020 school year as a response to the Covid pandemic.  Students attending NorthBay Academy will be provided hands-on science instruction, character-building activities, teamwork and challenge based activities, and individualized reading tutoring, alongside their typical routine of virtual instruction provided by their classroom teachers.  The Academy is designed to accelerate student learning and provide educational stability for st


NCADD-MD provides treatment/recovery education, advocacy and public policy leadership on issues related to alcoholism, drug dependence and barriers affecting treatment accessibility in Maryland. Funding from the Abell Foundation will assist NCADD-MD to conduct research about the actions and outcomes of some of the other states in the country that have legalized personal use of marijuana, with a particular focus on public health.

Maryland MENTOR, Fiscally Sponsored by Fund for Educational Excellence

Maryland MENTOR aims to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for Maryland’s young people and close the mentoring gap.  The organization provides free training, technical assistance, and quality improvement efforts to mentoring programs.  The Mentoring Connector also helps programs recruit mentors.  This grant provides general operating support.  


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