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Food & Water Watch

Food & Water Watch will provide research, education and advocacy around issues of affordability of water and wastewater consumption in Baltimore City by low income customers. Grant funding will be used toward best practices information from a research consultant and expert on utility affordability, the production and distribution of educational and promotional materials, and staff costs of outreach, civic engagement and community education about water utility customer affordability issues.

The Community School

Certified in 2014 as a small non-public diploma-awarding high school, The Community School in Remington has successfully served students who have failed in Baltimore City Public Schools for over 30 years. This storefront school provides up to 24 14-19 year olds with an accelerated academic and mentoring high school program that reinforces basic skills, while individualized instruction builds knowledge and skills for college, competitive employment, and community contribution.

Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools

This Abell grant will support two-year operational funding to The Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools (Alliance) to serve the 50 charter schools in Maryland, 34 of which are in Baltimore City. As  a voice for charter school communities, the Alliance advocates for equitable and transparent conditions for public charter schools; offers support to new and existing public charter schools; and drives the discussion around innovative educational practices that lead to positive outcomes for students.

Civic Works, Inc.

Civic Works' Retrofit Baltimore program offers weatherization, home energy efficiency and health & safety improvements to low and moderate income households. Utilizing competitive Maryland Energy Administration funding and BGE utility rebates, the program expects to complete 100 energy audits, energy efficient weatherization improvements in 50 homes, and bedbug remediation in 50 homes and screen all households for property tax credits, water bill discounts and federal nutrition benefits.

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Chesapeake Shakespeare brings theatre to Baltimore City with productions of Shakespeare and other plays of classic stature. At the end of its 16th season, CSC served more than 32,000 student and patrons. This grant provides support for costs associated with the construction of an elevated and closed pedestrian bridge that would connect the CSC Theater to educational and administrative space in a nearby building.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Chesapeake Climate Action Network will expand its Maryland Healthy Communities Campaign to advocate for waste disposale alternatives and solutions in Baltimore City, reduction in emissions from landfills, and eliminate subsidies for incineration in Maryland. The goals are to improve recycling and composting, reduce litter and trash pollution in streets and waterways, and reduce pollution generated by incinerators and landfills.

Carnegie Institution for Science

BioEYES is a week-long, hands-on biology unit delivered by Carnegie science outreach educators (with co-teaching from City classroom teachers), using live fish as subjects. The program meets the Common Core science standards, and it demonstrates—and prepares teachers for—a student-centered approach to science instruction. BioEYES allows Baltimore City students and teachers access to the world of high caliber, Nobel Prize-level science.

B'More Clubhouse, Inc.

B’More Clubhouse, founded in 2009, is a community in mid-town where adults living with mental illness receive supportive services. Accredited by Clubhouse International, the organization benefits from the strengths of a national and international network of 292 accredited Clubhouses in 34 countries. B’More Clubhouse has an active membership of 120 and an average of 40 members in attendance on any given day. Services include employment assistance, housing access, and connections to community resources.

Benefits Data Trust

Benefits Data Trust (BDT) is a national nonprofit organization that assists low income individuals to access state and federal aid programs to meet their financial needs.  BDT leverages partnerships with government agencies to conduct outreach to individuals who may be eligible for government assistance programs that they are not currently recieving.  Using highly trained screening and enrollment staff and customized technology, BDT screens these individuals to assess their eligibility for a range of public benefit programs and assists them to enroll in those programs for which they are eli


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