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The Maryland Book Bank, Inc.

With a goal to distribute 550,000 books in 2020, the Maryland Book Bank bridges the literacy gap through increased access to quality age-appropriate books in homes, school classrooms, and community program settings. Operating out of the new Baltimore Warehouse Collaborative in Clipper Mill, The Book Bank distributes new and donated books through two Bookmobiles, a Home Library program in 27 City schools, and open warehouse hours for families and educators. Its social enterprise that sells donated adult books of value and trains warehouse employees generates $80,000 of revenue annually.

Youth Empowered Society

Opened in 2012, the YES drop-in center serves homeless youth ages 14 to 25, providing counseling, peer support, connections to resources, and a safe place for the youth to meet their basic human needs.  Services provided by YES staff include employment counseling and job placement support; assistance accessing housing; case management; assistance accessing public benefits; and connections to educational programs.  In addition, YES partners with other organizations to provide services on site at the Center, including health care, insurance enrollment, pro bono legal services, GED classes and

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore creates and manages Baltimore’s Waterfront and oversees the Waterfront Management Authority. It will build an interpretive stormwater management feature within a kinetic playground at Rash Field Park. The rain garden will provide opportunities for immersive environmental education. With a focus on age-appropriate childhood development, the site will feature interpretive signage and interactive lesson plans that can be used by local science teachers. This grant provides support for capital costs for the designated stormwater management area. 

University of Maryland Medical System Foundation

The new simulated Operating Room will enable Surgical Tech (and an additional 100 Nursing Assistant) students at Edmondson to begin applied learning in 10th grade, and be fully prepared for hosptial clinical rotations  in their senior year (rather than January) with completion of required hours/certification testing by high school graduation. It is expected that the Simulation Lab will increase enrollment in the Surgical Tech CTE pathway and that more students will earn the National Surgical Tech certification.

TeamTime, fiscally sponsored by Strong City Baltimore

Founded in 2013 by a former City Schools Health and Physical Education teacher, TeamTime (formerly known as NEWfit) has rapidly emerged as the largest provider of structured play (recess) and afterschool sports programming for elementary and middle school children in Baltimore City. Last year, their programs served 4,500 elementary and middle school students in 75 Baltimore City Public Schools. This grant will support TeamTime's programming and the development and implementation of an evaluation plan.  

Tahirih Justice Center

The Tahirih Justice Center represents immigrant women and girls seeking protection from gender-based human rights abuses, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of gender-based violence.  This grant supports Tahirih's Baltimore office, which provided legal services to 231 clients and case management support to 71 clients in 2018.  In addition, Tahirih trains and works closely with an extensive network of pro bono attorneys who expand the reach of Tahirih's small staff.  

Public Justice Center, Inc.

Public Justice Center is leading a multi-year campaign to advocate for changes in laws and practices that limit tenants' rights and deny due process to tenants in Baltimore City's Rent Court.  In a December 2015 report on evictions in Baltimore entitled "Justice Diverted," PJC documented the high rate of evictions in Baltimore City, where more than one in 17 renter households is evicted each year.

PCs for People

Based in St. Paul, MN, PCs for the People also operates in Cleveland, OH, and Denver, CO, and is expanding to Baltimore. The organization will launch its efforts to increase educational opportunity and achievement, career readiness, and employment by providing low or no-cost refurbished computers, mobile internet access for $25/month, technological training, repair and troubleshooting services to low income residents in Baltimore City. This grant provides support for local launch staffing and related costs.

NPower, Inc.

In 2016, with support from the Abell Foundation and others, NPower replicated its IT training program for low-income young adults in Baltimore.  NPower's core training program provides students with 16 weeks of hands-on classroom instruction in hardware and software.  The academic portion focuses on teaching fundamental IT skills, including networking, cloud computing, coding and service management.  Following the classroom instruction, students earn their CompTIA certification and have the option to take additional certificate exams.  NPower participants then enter a seven-week paid intern

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Inc.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore (NHS) serves 800 households annually through its homeownership counseling and financial coaching programs. NHS deploys down payment assistance awards, raises additional capital toward an ongoing revolving DPA fund, increases access to affordable homeownership for borrowers that face challenges accessing traditional affordable mortgage products, and attracts new home buyers to Baltimore City.


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