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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation

Banner Neighborhoods provides low-income senior and disabled homeowners with home repairs and handicap modifications. Relieving homeowners of the cost and difficulty of completing home repairs and maintenance enables them to age in place and retain their community ties and social networks. The exterior house improvements, and in some cases tree and vine removal in yards, are critical to keeping senior’s home compliant with code, avoiding environmental citations and municipal fines that unpaid can lead to tax sale and loss of a home.

Baltimore Outreach Services, Inc.

Baltimore Outreach Services (BOS) operates a 40 bed shelter for women and children in South Baltimore, one of only three family shelters in Baltimore City.  To support and stabilize families staying at the shelter, BOS offers case management, job training and employment support services, educational programming, health and mental health services, and transitional housing.  In Fiscal Year 2020, BOS served 98 women and 145 children.  This grant provides general operating support for BOS.    

Baltimore Kids Chess League, Inc.

Sponsored by the Abell Foundation and Baltimore City Public Schools since 2004, Baltimore Kids Chess League (BKCL) offers an academic extracurricular program that serves more than 150 children from kindergarten to 12th grade in 21 schools.  Due to Covid, BKCL has migrated to a new virtual format, using the innovative “Think Like A King” chess software to move students through chess strategy sessions, assigning a chess rating based on each student’s level of play, and effectively matching opponents with an equivalent level of chess skill.  Teams practice weekly under the auspices of trained

Baltimore Development Corporation

For Baltimore to both attract Opportunity Zone and other investments and ensure such investments benefit community residents and businesses, the Opportunity Zone and Impact Investment Coordinator provides a valuable resource and competitive advantage to connect investors with projects and to connect projects to critical financing. Baltimore has been nationally recognized as one of the first cities to have a designated point person for the Opportunity Zone program. The grant covers the third year of the Coordinator's salary.

B-360 STEM Education Program, Fiscally Sponsored by Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

B-360 STEM Education is a youth development program that utilizes dirt bike culture to equip youth and young adults with the skills and confidence to pursue STEM opportunities in school and beyond, while also promoting public safety through appropriate dirt bike riding practices. Youth learn and apply engineering theory to build and repair their own dirt bike.  This grant provides B-360 with general operating support.  

Pediatric Asthma

October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and intensified long-standing health inequities in the United States. It is more urgent now than ever to address profound and avoidable racial and socioeconomic health inequities in chronic illnesses like asthma.

Youth Empowered Society, Fiscally Sponsored by Maryland Philanthropy Network

The YES drop-in center serves homeless youth ages 14 - 25, providing counseling, peer support, connections to resources, and a safe place for youth to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, laundry facilities, and access to phones and computers, among other things. YES staff and partner agencies provide employment counseling and job placement support; housing assistance; case management; assistance accessing public benefits; access to health care; legal services; and leadership development opportunities.

WYPR-Your Public Radio Corporation

Baltimore and Maryland face critically important and increasingly difficult environmental issues and public health challenges while news organization coverage has shrunk dramatically over the last decade. WYPR, Baltimore’s local radio station, offers “The Environment in Focus,” a weekly program providing listeners with engaging and informative stories about the environment and environmental issues, from COVID and climate change, sea level rise, and endangered species to relevant federal rulings, state policy analysis and city actions.

Vehicles for Change, Inc.

Since 1999, the Abell Foundation has supported Vehicles for Change in making low-cost cars available to low-income job seekers in Baltimore City. With funding from Abell, VfC plans to award 40 repaired and Maryland-inspected cars to Baltimore City residents referred by the following sponsoring agencies:  Center for Urban Families, Humanim, Living Classrooms, JOTF’s Project Jumpstart, and the Biotechnical Institute of Maryland.  


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