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Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Waterkeepers Chesapeake is a coalition of nineteen independent programs working to make the waters of the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays swimmable and fishable. As an affiliate partner with the Indiana-based Clear Choices Clean Water organization, Waterkeepers Chesapeake will launch a community education and behavioral change campaign to highlight the effects densely populated areas have on water quality. This grant provides programmatic support for the launch of Clear Choices Clean Water Baltimore.

Teach for America - Baltimore

Teach for America: Baltimore has been recruiting and developing teachers and leaders to expand educational opportunities for Baltimore's children growing up in poverty since 1992.  Today, there are 1,200 Teach for America alumni and teachers in Baltimore--80% continue to engage in work impacting low-income communities.This grant will continue TFA's work in 1. recruiting top talent ( 90 new and diverse teachers--over 57% people of color); 2. building leaders in the classroom, schools and City (a total of 20 TFA principals and 3rd year teacher retention rate of 66%) and 3.

SquashWise, Inc.

SquashWise, founded in 2007 and a member of the Squash + Education Alliance, is a year-round after-school athletic and academic program serving 75 Baltimore City public middle and high school students. Program activities include squash and fitness instruction, tutoring, academic enrichment, college preparation, mentoring, service learning, counseling, career development, and travel. As a long-term program that engages youth up to age 25, SquashWise supports an additional 20 alumni participants in college and in the workforce. 

Public Justice Center

In 2015, with support from the Abell Foundation, the Public Justice Center launched its Home Care Worker Initiative to address wage theft.  Through this initiative, PJC works to enforce a new federal regulation that, for the first time, granted HCWs (who are mostly women and people of color) federal minimum wage and overtime protections.  With this grant from Abell, PJC will educate 400 HCWs concerning workers' rights and advancement opportunties, represent at least 20 HCWs and and other workers to recover at least $100,000 in lost wages, and advocate for state-level legislation that will b

Ms. Frances' House

Ms. Frances' House provides housing and substance use disorder treatement services to women and their children in Coppin Heights.  Funding from the Abell Foundation will support a gap in its operating budget for the fiscal year. 

Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City

The original Mayor's Fellowship Program provided a summer internship that enabled the City of Baltimore to establish a pipeline to full time employment to high caliber young professionals, many of whom remain high profile leaders in City and County government today. With the support of Baltimore Corps, up to 10 graduate school students will be recruited for a ten-week Summer internship working on executive-level projects in high-functionning Baltimore City agencies and offices.

Maryland New Directions

Maryland New Directions, Inc., (MND) is a private, nonprofit, career counseling and job placement agency that provides occupational skills training, including the Maritime Transportation Distribution and Logistics training program and the Commercial Transportation Careers training program.  MCAT also provides other employment services, inlcuding computer literacy training, walk-in job search and application support, individual job coaching, and other personalized support services.  Funding from Abell will support MND in assisting more than 300 job seekers in Baltimore.

Marian House, Inc.

Marian House is a supportive housing program for homeless women and children located in the Better Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore City.  Funding from the Abell Foundation will support Marian House's Impact Study which will track outcome data for Marian House residents who exited the program between 2011-2016.  Findings from the evaluation will help Marian House to identify any gaps in programming and to support its fundraising efforts.

Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

The Baltimore Healthcare Innovator Retention Program fellowship stipends enable talented Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering students to continue working on promising healthcare innovations after they complete their graduate studies. These teams of Fellows operative as virtual startups creating commercially viable products, seeking follow-on funding, and creating new companies. The program maximizes the translation of discovery and invention from the University biomedical program into income-generating companies which have the potential to generate local employment.


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