Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Baltimore Academy of Excellence

To provide scholarships for 22 inner-city students to attend the Academy's Traditional School and Special Needs School in a year-round structured learning environment. The Academy enrolls students who have failed in a regular public school setting and who can take advantage of its specialized curriculum, individualized attention, and counseling.

Archdiocese of Baltimore

To provide scholarships for Baltimore City public school students to attend Catholic parochial schools. The initiative is designed to compare the effectiveness of a Catholic school education against a public school education among at-risk inner-city students. The funds will underwrite the cost of the fifth year of an eight-year study.

Archdiocese of Baltimore

To provide scholarships enabling Choice and other Baltimore City public school at-risk students to attend parochial schools in Baltimore City during the 2000-2001 school year. By participating in this model delinquency and dropout prevention program, these students are expected to benefit from smaller classes, one-on-one instruction, and a structured educational setting.

Advocates for Children and Youth

Two-year funding for continued support of Students First, an advocacy project dedicated to improving the quality of education for children in Baltimore City public schools. In support of educational reform, Students First provides assessment of educational practices, policies, and programs, and makes recommendations for research-based programs and strategies.

Scenic America

Seed funding to establish a statewide scenic conservation organization, Scenic Maryland, as an affiliate of Scenic America. The purposes of the program are to continue the education of local citizens about scenic conservation, serve as a local watchdog on billboard measures, and work in partnerships and collaboratives to protect Maryland's scenic beauty.


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