Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Baltimore City Healthy Start, Inc.

Second-year funding of Recovery In Community, a substance abuse prevention and recovery initiative. The purpose of the citywide initiative is to expand the number of treatment slots and increase the resources and supports available to recovering addicts and their families. By assessing the effectiveness of a comprehensive continuum of community-based supports, the program aims to reduce relapses and drug-related crime.

Baltimore City Foundation

In support of consultancies to undertake research to identify and develop core resources which will be critical to the Baltimore City administration's workforce development initiative. The plan provides for linking workforce development and economic development efforts, evaluating how workforce funding has been accessed and used by federal, state and city agencies to benefit Baltimore citizens, and evaluating the effectiveness of the public and private workforce development provider network.

Advocates for Children and Youth

To review and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department of Human Resources and Baltimore City Department of Social Services in areas of child welfare service delivery. The object of the study is to determine if families and children are getting the services they need, why the length of stay in foster homes has increased, and why the number of caseworkers has decreased.

University of Maryland School of Nursing

For the development of "Pathway to Professional Nursing," a high-school nursing academy for students in Baltimore City public high schools. The purpose of the academy is to inspire and assist high school students in the pursuit of a professional nursing career through a sequence of college preparatory coursework and electives. Candidates can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at the University of Maryland School of Nursing.


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