Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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I Can, Inc.

For an architectural study for significant upgrades for a school building that has been converted into an emergency shelter to provide meals, education, and counseling for homeless persons in the Greenmount community.

Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Inc.

For support of Bridges to Work, a job access and reverse commute transportation program bringing inner-city dwellers to jobs in the suburbs. The model program, designed for residents in East Baltimore, offers clients comprehensive services including assessments, work readiness, job development, placement services, and reliable van transportation to and from job sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition, Inc./Rose Street Community Center

Four grants in support of drug treatment and job training programs at the Rose Street Community Center. The center supports job training, educational opportunities, and drug treatment programs for community residents interested in rehabilitation. The center also provides weekly stipends to program participants to assist them with living expenses while enrolled in the self-help programs.

Genesis Jobs

Two grants for continued funding of the Job Opportunities Task Force. The purpose of the task force is to provide leadership in the Baltimore region for developing and advocating policies and programs, forging partnerships, and leveraging investments that increase the marketable skills, income, and economic opportunities of low-skill, low-income job seekers.


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