Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Universal Classroom Breakfast Program

For staffing to monitor and enhance the Universal Classroom Breakfast Program currently being implemented in 51 elementary and middle schools. The program is part of a longitudinal study to determine the long-term effects of students' participation in breakfast in the classroom (as opposed to the cafeteria) on attendance, tardiness, disciplinary action, and academic achievement.

Best Friends

For expenses related to activities of Best Friends, a pregnancy prevention program for at-risk adolescent females in four Baltimore City middle schools. The program consists of monthly group classes, weekly fitness classes, and individual mentoring sessions.

Baltimore City Healthy Start, Inc.

Second-year funding of Recovery In Community, a substance abuse prevention and recovery initiative. The purpose of the citywide initiative is to expand the number of treatment slots and increase the resources and supports available to recovering addicts and their families. By assessing the effectiveness of a comprehensive continuum of community-based supports, the program aims to reduce relapses and drug-related crime.


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