Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Johns Hopkins University Institute for Policy Studies

Toward staffing costs of a senior research analyst to manage and staff the Evaluation and Accountability Committee of the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board. As part of the project, the analyst will provide recommendations for improving Baltimore's Workforce Development System by creating an "evaluation landscape map" of research being conducted. The purpose of this effort is to determine the gaps in data collection and analyses.

Job Opportunities Task Force

Challenge grant toward the salary of the program director of the Transitional Jobs Consortium, a newly created transitional employment program for ex-offenders in Baltimore City. The purpose of the program is to provide services that will help stabilize ex-offenders as they reenter the community.

Job Opportunities Task Force

For the continuation of a comparative study of Baltimore's workforce development system and workforce development systems in other cities with similar demographics. Components of the study include a review of the cities' welfare-to-work systems; one-stop centers for adults who are not on welfare, youth programs, local community colleges' curricula, public schools' vocational and dropout prevention programs, literacy programs, and public housing workforce initiatives.

Franciscan Center

Toward the cost of computer upgrades for the Health Support Initiative, an emergency outreach program for the poor in Baltimore City. This enhancement will enable the Center to be electronically linked to other service providers when meeting clients' needs.


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