Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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The Samaritan Center

Three grants in support of the Travel Voucher Program. The program provides homeless persons in need of travel assistance with vouchers for bus travel, if they have a contact in a destination city willing to take them in or assist them in finding housing.

The Samaritan Center

In support of the Eviction Prevention Assistance program at the Samaritan Center designed to provide emergency grants to individuals and families facing eviction. This one-time assistance also provides the opportunity for the Center to help those at risk address underlying issues, such as unemployment and substance abuse that contribute to their problem.

Rose Street Community Center

Two grants in support of drug treatment and job training programs for FY 2002 and FY 2003. The Center supports job training, educational opportunities, after-school tutoring programs for neighborhood youth, and drug treatment programs. The Center also provides weekly stipends to program participants to assist with living expenses while they are enrolled in self-help programs.

Neighbor to Family

Seed funding for the establishment of the Neighbor to Family Sibling Foster Care Program in Baltimore City. The program will provide comprehensive foster care services to 40 children in sibling groups. The foster parents, trained by Neighbor to Family caseworkers, will be given a stipend above the normal foster care rate to enable a parent to stay home and provide home care to sibling groups.


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