Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Jubilee Baltimore, Inc.

For staffing and operating costs to provide services to buyers and owners interested in securing loans and State and federal historic tax credits for purchase and rehabilitation of houses in Reservoir Hill. This initiative is intended to attract new buyers to the neighborhood and to increase the level of reinvestment in the neighborhood.

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

For staffing support of the Code Enforcement/Facade Improvement Grant Program. By offering matching grants to property owners for investing in their building facades, the Partnership intends to encourage private investment in downtown properties and businesses, and to improve the physical appearance and market appeal of Baltimore City's downtown. The program targets buildings that are in violation of zoning and building codes.

Community Law Center, Inc.

Two-year funding for the Real Estate Services Project created to fight the blight of vacant housing in marketable neighborhoods. The goals of this project are to ensure that existing residents remain confident about their neighborhoods, to keep City housing stock competitive with suburban housing markets, and to stimulate reinvestment in City housing.


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