Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Scenic Maryland, Inc.

Continued support for statewide scenic conservation efforts. The objectives of the program are to educate citizens about scenic conservation, serve as a local watchdog on billboard measures, and work in partnership with other conservation organizations to protect Maryland's scenic beauty.

The Chester River Association

For partial funding of the position of a riverkeeper to monitor activity on the Chester River, so as to protect water quality and biodiversity from degradation. As changes in land use impact the watershed, the riverkeeper is expected to maintain a presence at local planning boards and keep the public informed about best conservation practices.

Center for Watershed Protection

For continued support of the Builders of the Bay program, designed to convene a series of county roundtable task forces. These roundtables investigate existing building codes and ordinances in their respective counties and make recommendations to their planning commissions, to ensure that each county's building codes are environmentally sensitive and economically feasible.

Audubon Maryland-DC

The funding makes it possible for the Audubon Center in Patterson Park to continue serving as a conservation resource, providing a broad range of educational programs for all ages, adult workshops and family events

1000 Friends of Maryland

For the production of a report, "Greening the Budget: 11 Ideas for Protecting the Environment and Easing Maryland's Fiscal Crisis, 2004." The report, part of a national effort aimed at fighting threatened budget cuts in environmental programs in cities and states, suggests strategies to close loopholes in the tax code, eliminate subsidies for pollution and deter other cuts of environmentally damaging projects.


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