Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Archdiocese of Baltimore

To provide scholarships enabling Baltimore City public school at-risk students to attend parochial schools in Baltimore City during the 2001-2002 school year. By participating in this model delinquency and dropout prevention program, these students are expected to benefit from smaller classes, one-to-one instruction and a structured educational setting.

Environmental Law Institute

In continued support of the Forests for the Bay Project in an effort to abate forest fragmentation and disappearance of Maryland woodlands. The project advocates the voluntary landowner management of existing forestland, cooperative management of smaller parcels, re-establishment of trees in brownfields, provisions for property tax incentives for retention and stewardship of forests, expansion of programs to secure forest buffers along the waterways, and better monitoring of current forest harvest practices to ensure compliance with regulations.

The Conservation Fund

Two-year grant to provide technical assistance to local county officials and land trusts to facilitate Maryland's Green Print and Legacy Programs. The Fund will also produce and distribute "Better Models for Development in Maryland" as an educational tool to encourage local officials to take more strategic approaches to land conservation in Maryland.

Center for Watershed Protection

To support the Builders of the Bay program, designed to launch a series of local roundtable task forces. These task forces will investigate existing building codes and ordinances and make recommendations to local county planning commissions designed to make building codes environmentally sensitive and economically feasible.


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