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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Jews United for Justice

Jews United For Justice (JUFJ) educates and mobilizes its network of over 2,200 members in the Baltimore area to participate in advocacy campaigns on a variety of social justice issues. Building on work JUFJ has done over the past two years to advocate for renters' rights in Baltimore, this grant will support JUFJ to work with other coalitions and organizations, including the Public Justice Center, the Right to Housing Alliance, and Baltimore Renters United, to advocate for strengthening legal protections for renters in Baltimore City. 

Intersection of Change

Intersection of Change (IOC) addresses poverty-related issues in West Baltimore. Its Strength to Love II (S2L2) urban farm features 14 high-tunnel greenhouses totaling the 1.5 acres of farm land and a processing building for washing, processing, and refrigerating the produce. Produce is sold to local restaurants and colleges and at local farmers markets. This grant supports costs associated with full time staff salaries and stipends for workforce development program participants and youth interns.

Erin Levitas Foundation

The mission of the Erin Levitas Foundation is to reduce the incidence of sexual assault and increase support for those who have experienced it. This grant aims to double the number of seventh graders in Baltimore City receiving the Levitas Initiative's research-based program for sexual assault prevention and to support the staff and evaluation work necessary to ultimately bring the program to scale in Baltimore City and beyond. 

Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown

Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown (CUTS) works across faith-based entities to improve the conditions in Sandtown-Winchester. Areas of programmatic focus include: housing, education, job training, youth programs and economic development. This grant supports CUTS’ efforts to secure professionalized staff whose work will focus on developing a sustainable revenue model that is centered around advancing programmatic priorities.

Center for Urban Families, Inc.

The Center for Urban Families (CFUF) is working with Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) to provide STRIVE graduates with better access to non-credit occupational skills training at BCCC.  With funding from the Abell Foundation and the Kresge Foundation, CFUF and BCCC will launch BOOST, an initiative where STRIVE graduates will receive intensive case management as they complete noncredit certification programs in healthcare, transportation, IT, construction and human services at BCCC.

CASA de Maryland, Inc.

The Baltimore Welcome Center provides employment placement services for day laborers and low-income workers who begin to assemble early in the morning in the hope of being selected for jobs in construction, landscaping, home improvement, sanitation, and other day-to-day, physical labor-intensive jobs.

Byte Back

Byte Back is a Washington, DC nonprofit organization that trains low-income adults with no computer experience in learning the basic fundamental skills of how to turn on a computer, use a mouse and use Microsoft Office applications.  Byte Back then works step by step with students to build upon those skills, preparing students to earn industry-recognized IT credentials.  Byte Back has expanded to Baltimore, and with support from the Abell Foundation, plans to serve at least 100 Baltimore residents over the next year, placing 36 program graduates into jobs requiring IT skills.  Byte Back pla

BioTechnical Institute of Maryland, Inc.

Over the past year, 49 individuals enrolled into BioSTART, with 43 students (or 88%) completing the six-week program.  All 43 students enrolled in the nine-week Lab Associates program.  Of these students, 14 completed training, and 20 are completing their internships.  BTI estimates that 70% of the graduates will be placed into research laboratory and manufacturing technician positions at an average wage of at least $14.75/hour.  In the coming year, BTI plans to train 45 Baltimore residents, maintaining high job placement and retention rates of all graduates.

Baltimore Robotics League, fiscally sponsored by the Fund for Educational Excellence

In its sixth year, the Baltimore City Robotics League will continue to expand the STEM pipeline by sponsoring at least 90 FIRST Lego, Jr. FIRST Lego, VEX IQ, and VEX extracurricular robotics teams for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Directed by a City Schools Robotics Coordinator, The League provides intensive training/equipment for coaches; sponsors and provides fees for local, state and national robotics tournaments; and will launch a summer camp for the first time in 2020. The League expects to send 8 City teams to the World VEX Competition and the US Open Championships.


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