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PCs for People

Based in St. Paul, MN, PCs for the People also operates in Cleveland, OH, and Denver, CO, and is expanding to Baltimore. The organization will launch its efforts to increase educational opportunity and achievement, career readiness, and employment by providing low or no-cost refurbished computers, mobile internet access for $25/month, technological training, repair and troubleshooting services to low income residents in Baltimore City. This grant provides support for local launch staffing and related costs.

NPower, Inc.

In 2016, with support from the Abell Foundation and others, NPower replicated its IT training program for low-income young adults in Baltimore.  NPower's core training program provides students with 16 weeks of hands-on classroom instruction in hardware and software.  The academic portion focuses on teaching fundamental IT skills, including networking, cloud computing, coding and service management.  Following the classroom instruction, students earn their CompTIA certification and have the option to take additional certificate exams.  NPower participants then enter a seven-week paid intern

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Inc.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore (NHS) serves 800 households annually through its homeownership counseling and financial coaching programs. NHS deploys down payment assistance awards, raises additional capital toward an ongoing revolving DPA fund, increases access to affordable homeownership for borrowers that face challenges accessing traditional affordable mortgage products, and attracts new home buyers to Baltimore City.

Mentoring Mentors, Inc.

Mentoring Mentors Inc. is a youth wholeness mentoring program promoting social, emotional, and intellectual development in addition to physical wellness for 6th through 12th grade African-American youth in the West Baltimore Windsor Hills area.

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, Inc.

This grant supports a joint effort by Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, Moveable Feast, Benefits Data Trust, and Health Management Associates to design and test a new nutrition services model that will enable health insurers and other health care providers to contract with community based organizations to provide nutritional services for patients.  The project seeks to capitalize on increasing interest in, and opportunities for, the health care sector to partner with community organizations to meet non-medical needs of patients that have significant impacts on health, often referred to a

Maryland Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank's School Food Pantry program operates food banks in schools that serve large populations of families living in poverty, including approximately 100 Baltimore City public schools.  The program delivers food to each participating school on a monthly basis, including fresh produce and shelf-stable products.  All food is provided to families free of charge. This grant supports the continued operation of the School Food Pantry program in Baltimore City.  

Maryland Farmers Market Association

The Maryland Farmers Market Association’s Maryland Market Money Program was launched in 2013 in response to interest from Maryland Farmers who were interested in serving as sites for healthy food access but found it difficult to independently access federal nutrition benefits incentive programs via SNAP/EBT system.  This grant supports related staff costs and outreach expenses targeted at 10 Baltimore City farmers markets.  

Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, Inc.

Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition provides research on economic rights and consumer protection issues; educates policymakers and the public about economic rights issues, and provides consumer awareness and education campaigns to individuals and organizations. MCRC serves low-income homeowners and renters through the Low Income Forgotten Tax (LIFT) program that helps them access the Homeowners and Renters Tax Credit programs and public benefits. This grant provides support for staff and outreach expenses for the LIFT program.

The Literacy Lab

A replication of the acclaimed Minnesota Reading Corps, Literacy Lab embeds rigorously trained reading tutors in PreK classrooms and provides 1:1 tutoring in schools to children in Kindergarten through third grade. In 2019/20, Literacy Lab nearly doubled in size with 65 tutors serving an anticipated 1,155 children in 24 Baltimore City elementary schools. Literacy Lab tutoring participants are between 1.5 to 5 times as likely to be on grade level than students who started at the same grade level and received no tutoring.

Johns Hopkins University

The Social Innovation lab incubates mission-driven companies and nonprofits to maximize their potential to become thriving sustainable ventures that contribute to increased opportunity in Baltimore. Through a six-month social venture accelerator program, the competitively selected cohort of up to ten entrepreneurs is provided programming sessions, access to an extensive network of advisors, one-on-one coaching, co-working space, and $1,000 in unrestricted funding.


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