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Water Quality in the Gwynns Falls

April 2018

From leaking sewage pipes to road salt, numerous sources of pollution negatively impact water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and millions of dollars have been invested both locally and regionally in trying to mitigate and reverse their effects. While small-scale assessments have been done to gauge the efficacy of individual mitigation practices, no clear picture existed of how pollution sources and clean-up efforts were impacting the intermediate watershed level as a whole.


In support of the installation and evaluation of Basic Power units on 10 low-to-moderate income homes with solar power in Baltimore City.

Public Health Policy in Maryland

February 28, 2018

Alcohol and cigarettes are common consumer products that are associated with large numbers of injury and disease. Over the past decade, the Maryland General Assembly passed legislation that increased taxes on these two products. The legislation had two aims: to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and cigarette consumption and to generate revenue for public health priorities in Maryland.

Did the legislation achieve those aims? And, if so, what can we learn from the experience?


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