Mission-Related Investment (MRI) Eligibility and Review Criteria


We invest in companies, impact funds, and other organizations that have innovative ideas to enact positive social, economic, and other changeThe Foundation typically accepts below-market investment returns from our MRIs but expects substantial mission benefits and limited risk of capital loss in exchange for the concessionary arrangements.

Review Criteria

The Foundation considers the following factors in our initial evaluation of MRI requests: 
  • Is the organization or impact fund located in Baltimore City or does it address a substantial unmet need of Baltimore City businesses or residents? 
  • Is the product or solution good for the local community and aligned with our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?  Is there a positive social or economic benefit that supports local resiliency? 
  • Will the company or fund create jobs, particularly low-skill or semi-skilled jobs? 
  • Does the company or fund have a competitive advantage or unique innovative offering? 
  • Has the company or fund assessed the investment risk, particularly loss of capital, and identified strategies to reduce the risk to the Foundation? 
  • Does the company leverage local strengths and resources or bring new mission-aligned resources that strengthen the innovation and small business ecosystem? Does the concessionary investment enable a multiplier benefit? 

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