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Rose Street Community Center

Since February 2000, with support from the Abell Foundation, the Rose Street Community Center (Rose Street) has offered small weekly stipends (no more than $10 a day) to community residents in exchange for participation in daily community cleanups or gang mediation meetings.  Last year, Rose Street served more than 120 people per week. Nearly  20% of those served each week (an average of 22 people) reside in Rose Street’s six transitional houses.  Those residing in the houses participate daily in community cleanups. Once they have secured employment, Rose Street staff assists them in obtaining permanent housing.  Over half of those served each week (approximately 70 people) are high-risk youth ages 15 to 24.  Rose Street holds morning meetings with the youth where the youth identify and de-escalate disputes.  Rose Street also connects the youth to programs and services available in the community.

Baltimore, MD
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