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Johns Hopkins Children's Center

This grant supports the Rales Health Center (RHC) at KIPP Baltimore, which provides health services to more than 1,500 students in grades K - 8 who attend two co-located schools in West Baltimore.  The RHC provides both basic school nursing services, and enhanced clinical services for students with acute health concerns and unmet preventive care needs.  In addition to a full range of clinical services, the RHC provides student and staff wellness programs, screenings, first aid and comfort care, and medication monitoring.  In its first four years of operations, the RHC had more than 5,000 school-based health center visits, 78,000 school nursing visits, and 39,000 medication administration visits.  In addition, the RHC provides a school-wide vision care program, offers access to counseling and psychiatric services through a partnership with Johns Hopkins Bayview, and is working with KIPP staff to adapt and implement a social-emotional learning curriculum to address student behavior and school climate concerns.   

Baltimore, MD
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