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CASA de Maryland, Inc.

The Baltimore Welcome Center provides employment placement services for day laborers and low-income workers who begin to assemble early in the morning in the hope of being selected for jobs in construction, landscaping, home improvement, sanitation, and other day-to-day, physical labor-intensive jobs. In the coming year, CASA plans to place workers in 1,700 daily jobs, 40 temporary/seasonal jobs, and 35 permanent jobs; to provide 150 people with legal consultation on immigration, employment, or housing matters; to provide 500 people with basic financial education/counseling, and 300 low-income households with free tax preparation services; to educate 200 eligible Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) about the naturalization process, and help 75 LPRs submit their naturalization application; and to provide 60 students with Mi Espacio after-school programming.

Langley Park, MD
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