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BioEYES is a week-long, hands-on biology unit delivered by Carnegie science outreach educators (with co-teaching from City classroom teachers), using live fish as subjects. The program meets the Common Core science standards, and it demonstrates—and prepares teachers for—a student-centered approach to science instruction. BioEYES allows Baltimore City students and teachers access to the world of high caliber, Nobel Prize-level science. In a recent study (Shuda, Butler, Farber, and Vary, 2015), the authors found significant gains in students’ knowledge and attitudes towards science as a result of BioEYES. 

It is expected that 3,400 8th grade students (approximately 60% of 8th grade students) will experience BioEYES in the 2019/20 school year, with the remaining teachers trained next summer. 

Baltimore, MD
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