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In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2018.


Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Takoma Park, MD

In support of staff costs for the Clean Energy Jobs Education Campaign (CEJEC).

Climate Access Fund/Coalition for Green Capital

Baltimore, MD

In support of Community Solar in Baltimore: Savings for Low-Income Families initiative. 

Energy Justice Network

Philadelphia, PA

In support of Phase II of Divert Baltimore: Divert Cherry Hill, which will provide recycling bins to residents in Cherry Hill.

Environmental Defense Fund

New York, NY

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) works with the Port of Baltimore, one of the City’s largest and most concentrated sources of emissions, to reduce air pollution associated with freight and cargo transportation. EDF’s extremely capable science and policy staff bring data analysis and evaluation skills, environmental information sharing, and best practice emissions reduction and clean energy implementation from their work with ports across the country.

Environmental Integrity Project

Washington, DC

Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) advocates for effective enforcement of environmental laws to hold polluters accountable and engages in permitting, regulatory and enforcement proceedings to reduce pollution and improve public health. Through their Baltimore Environmental Justice Campaign, the organization conducts data analysis, produces technical memoranda, creates legal strategies and builds community partnerships to reduce disparate impacts of toxic air pollution on low-income communities. 

WYPR - Your Public Radio Corporation

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore and Maryland face critically important and increasingly difficult environmental issues and public health challenges while news organization coverage has shrunk dramatically over the last decade. WYPR, Baltimore’s local radio station, offers “The Environment in Focus,” a weekly program providing listeners with engaging and informative stories about the environment and environmental issues from air pollution, sea level rise, and endangered species to relevant federal rulings, state policy analysis and city actions. This grant pays the full production costs of the weekly radio program.


Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts

Baltimore, MD

In support of the 2018 Baltimore Book Festival.