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Past Grants

The following grants are in excess of $5,000 and were awarded in 2001.

Community Development

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Crownsville, MD

For additional support of the Live Near Your Work program, in partnership with Citizens Planning and Housing Association. The purpose of the program is to provide financial incentives for employees who purchase homes in neighborhoods near their workplace.

Maryland Film Festival

Baltimore, MD

Two-year support of the 2002 and 2003 Maryland Film Festival. This funding includes travel expenses to bring filmmakers to Baltimore during an annual spring festival as a marketing tool to encourage future film production in Baltimore and Maryland.

Office of the Mayor

Baltimore, MD

For expenses related to Phase II of a land use and redevelopment plan for the east side neighborhood north of Johns Hopkins Hospital. The plan centers on a biomedical research facility and explores the feasibility of other economic, retail and residential uses.

Patterson Park Community Development Corporation

Baltimore, MD

For independent accounting services for a community development corporation experiencing extensive growth. Through housing acquisition, rehabilitations, sales and rentals, the corporation has been able to abate the deterioration of neighborhoods north and east of Patterson Park

Patterson Park Community Development Corporation

Baltimore, MD

Toward an initiative to clean streets and alleys in a 22-square-block area of the Patterson Park community.

People's Homesteading Group

Baltimore, MD

Two-year support of the Anchors of Hope initiative in the Greenmount Community for the rehabilitation of six vacant houses for resale.

Preservation Maryland

Baltimore, MD

For the Historic Communities Investment Fund, a matching grant program to create additional historic districts in Baltimore. These new and expanded districts will be eligible for the Maryland State Historic rehabilitation tax credit refund.


1000 Friends of Maryland

Baltimore, MD

For the cost of developing a County Score Card, measuring efforts to abate sprawl, and publishing a guide to issues related to land-use legislation. This guide is being written for activists who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the political process and land use litigation.

Baltimore Police Foundation

Baltimore, MD

In support of the Environmental Crimes Unit Campaign Against Illegal Dumping, including prosecution of offenders and the establishment of a "tip line" to encourage citizens to report illegal dumping. This effort will target ten "hot spots" that have been identified as chronic dumping sites for commercial debris and illegal contaminants.

Center for Watershed Protection

Ellicott City, MD

To support the Builders of the Bay program, designed to launch a series of local roundtable task forces. These task forces will investigate existing building codes and ordinances and make recommendations to local county planning commissions designed to make building codes environmentally sensitive and economically feasible.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Annapolis, MD

For costs related to a rewrite of Turning the Tide, a book on the current state of the Chesapeake Bay and the outlook for its recovery. An interactive website will also be developed to accompany the publication.

Earthome Productions, Inc.

Stevenson, MD

Three grants for expenses related to production, pre-screening and symposia on "The Next Industrial Revolution," a treatise on sustainable economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Environmental Law Institute

Washington, DC

In continued support of the Forests for the Bay Project in an effort to abate forest fragmentation and disappearance of Maryland woodlands. The project advocates the voluntary landowner management of existing forestland, cooperative management of smaller parcels, re-establishment of trees in brownfields, provisions for property tax incentives for retention and stewardship of forests, expansion of programs to secure forest buffers along the waterways, and better monitoring of current forest harvest practices to ensure compliance with regulations.

The Conservation Fund

Annapolis, MD

Two-year grant to provide technical assistance to local county officials and land trusts to facilitate Maryland's Green Print and Legacy Programs. The Fund will also produce and distribute "Better Models for Development in Maryland" as an educational tool to encourage local officials to take more strategic approaches to land conservation in Maryland.


Maryland Citizens for the Arts Foundation

Ellicott City, MD

Two grants for the expansion of arts education and outreach programs.

National Museum of Ceramic Art and Glass

Baltimore, MD

For continued support of the implementation of the ceramic arts curriculum in classroom settings and instruction and after-school ceramic arts clubs in 19 Baltimore City public middle schools.


Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

Baltimore, MD

Two grants for 200l general membership and the Education Funders Affinity Group.