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Eileen O'Rourke

Eileen O'Rourke Treasurer Abell FoundationAs Chief Financial Officer and Director of Impact Investing, Eileen has overall responsibilities for the business and investment operations of the Foundation.  She is responsible for evaluating, structuring, negotiating, and managing direct investments in early stage companies and in program-related non-profit projects.  She actively participates with the management team in advancing commercialization of promising technologies, including the Foundation’s investment in OTEC International LLC. She is responsible for implementation and performance monitoring of the Foundation’s investment portfolio and cash management functions. 

Eileen has thirty years of experience in business finance and project management, with over a dozen years managing direct investments in early companies and in providing innovative financing solutions in support of social mission activities. She graduated summa cum laude from Loyola College and is a certified public accountant, a registered securities broker, and a certified financial and operations principal.  A former KPMG Manager and Vice-President with Legg Mason Inc., Eileen represents the Foundation on the board of directors of its investments in eNeura, Pixelligent, and Ceratech and on the Investment Committee of the Propel Baltimore Fund in which the Foundation is a limited partner.  She is also on the board and finance committee of the Everyman Theatre. She enjoys the many cultural and outdoors activities in Baltimore with her husband and two children.