Direct Investment Eligibility and Review Criteria


We invest in promising startup companies with proprietary innovations that offer the opportunity to simultaneously achieve above market returns while adding benefit to society at large. We also invest growth capital in mature companies that are creating employment opportunities in Baltimore City through business expansion.

We are open to opportunities that cross industry sectors and investment stages. Reflecting Baltimore’s local economic strengths, we invest in medical devices and diagnostics, and diverse sectors including materials, green energy, aerospace, and healthcare technologies.

Review Criteria

The Foundation considers the following factors in our initial evaluation of direct investment requests: 
  • Is the company located in Baltimore City or willing to relocate its headquarters and principal place of operations?
  • Is the product or solution good for mankind – is there a positive social or economic benefit?
  • Will the company create jobs, particularly low-skill or semi-skilled jobs?
  • Does the company have a competitive advantage and/or proprietary innovation?
  • Is there a substantial commercial market for the innovation? Is the company likely to produce above market returns?
  • Does the company leverage local strengths and resources (manufacturing, laboratories, universities, state biotech tax credit etc.) that strengthen the innovation ecosystem?

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