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Case Studies


Effective teachers play a significant role in the overall success of students. Among school-based factors, a high-quality teacher has been shown to have two to three times the impact on student achievement as curriculum, leadership, and other services. Over the last three decades, the Abell... Read More

Workforce Development

For years, the Abell Foundation has supported two organizations that provide job training for low-income African American men and their families.  The Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF):  JOTF works to eliminate educational and employment barriers for low-wage workers by transforming the systems... Read More

Health & Human Services

The COVID-19 crisis has illustrated just how fragile, and how essential, Baltimore’s safety net is. Even before the pandemic exposed extensive needs for food, shelter, and access to health care, many in our city struggled to meet their own, and their families’, basic needs. During fiscal year 2019... Read More
Nationally, oral health is improving for the population as a whole.  However, profound racial and socioeconomic disparities in oral health persist.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, people of color experience untreated tooth decay nearly twice as much as non-Hispanic white adults. ... Read More

Community Development

In 2010, Civic Works began building a farming operation for food production and access, workforce training, and education of Baltimore City school children on six acres in Clifton Park called Real Food Farm. Farm operations have grown to include seven production high tunnels (or hoop houses), three... Read More
A diet heavier in fruits and vegetables and lower in fats and processed foods offers significant health benefits to prevent the onset of diabetes, hypertension, and other costly diseases.  Yet individuals who are food insecure and do not have regular access to fresh produce cannot access these... Read More
The majority of Maryland’s electricity comes from fossil fuels, including coal and natural gas, which pollute the air, endanger public health, and contribute to the climate change effects of global warming. To jumpstart the development of clean energy sources, other states have set ambitious... Read More
Baltimore is plagued by a surplus of houses that are vacant and abandoned, the tragic result of deliberate policies of segregation and redlining, deindustrialization, suburbanization, and de-population, to name just a few. Enter ReBUILD Metro, which put a stake in the communities of Oliver,... Read More

Criminal Justice & Addiction

Baltimore is losing more people to drug overdose than ever before. Between 2011 and 2018, there was a 500% increase in the number of people who died of an overdose. This stunning rise has led city and state officials to increase funding and programming for overdose prevention. However, these... Read More