Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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About the Foundation

The Abell Foundation stimulates a culture of creative problem solving with solutions that are both innovative and ensure accountability.

The Abell Foundation is dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life in Maryland, with a particular focus on Baltimore.  The Foundation is committed to being an agent of change by:

  • supporting efforts to solve systemic social, economic and environmental problems;
  • providing research to better inform civic conversation about relevant issues; and
  • investing in new technologies that have the potential to benefit society.

The Foundation places a strong emphasis on opening the doors of opportunity to the disenfranchised, believing that no community can thrive if those who live on the margins of it are not included.

The Foundation’s work falls into three categories – Grants, Publications, and Direct Investments.


The Foundation is committed to improving the lives of underserved populations in Baltimore City.  We seek to support projects aimed at solving systemic problems and focus our grantmaking in seven program areas: Education, Workforce Development, Health and Human Services, Community Development, Criminal Justice and Addiction, Environment, and Arts.


The Abell Foundation combines philanthropy with communication because it believes that a community faced with complicated, seemingly intractable challenges is well-served by thought-provoking, research-based information.  The Foundation publishes background studies of selected issues on the public agenda for the benefit of government officials; leaders in business, industry and academia; and the general public.

Direct Investments

Fostering promising technologies that offer attractive returns and environmental and social benefits has been a significant part of the Abell Foundation’s investment activities. Consistent with its mission of finding innovative solutions to major social issues, the Foundation has allocated a portion of its investment portfolio to early-stage companies that offer significant social and economic benefits. These investments include long-term commitments to capital-intensive technologies that are outside the selection criteria of the broader venture capital community.

Current Trustees

  • George L. Bunting, Jr., Chairman
  • Kevin Abell
  • Robert C. Embry, Jr.
  • Jacqueline C. Hrabowski
  • Stephon Jackson (on leave)
  • Mary Page Michel
  • Christy Wyskiel