Working To Enhance The Quality Of Life
In Baltimore And In Maryland.

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Abell Brief: Spring 2018

Abell Brief Spring 2018

Working To Enhance The Quality Of
Life In Baltimore And In Maryland.





Ford licenses hybrid vehicle patents from Paice, Abell Foundation

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The Case for Hemp in Maryland

In our February report, environmental journalist Rona Kobell digs into why other places are embracing hemp and what Maryland can learn from them. In its 2018 session – following the release of this report – the General Assembly passed legislation legalizing industrial hemp production. The Case for Hemp offers insights into what hemp could mean for Maryland. 

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Public Health Victories

Alcohol and cigarettes are responsible for a host of poor health outcomes. What happened over the last decade after the Maryland General Assembly increased the costs of consuming those products through small tax increases? In our March report, researchers from the Bloomberg School of Public Health detail the benefits that resulted from the 2011 alcohol tax increase and the 2008 cigarette tax increase.

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Estimating the Effects of Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence

Law enforcement officials and public health experts have implemented strategies to reduce the harm caused by gun violence, which has plagued Baltimore City for years. In this report, published in January, Daniel Webster and his team at the Bloomberg School of Public Health examine which of those strategies have proven most effective and under what circumstances. 

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Counting Our Losses: The Hidden Cost to Marylanders of an Inadequate Child Care System 

Working parents with young children often rely on a web of supports to ensure their children are safe and well cared for. When any one of those supports falters – or when a child is ill or needs additional help, parents and their workplaces bear the effects. In this groundbreaking report published earlier in April, the Maryland Family Network calculates the high costs of child care instability to employers and the state economy. 

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Image courtesy of Blue Water Baltimore.The Gwynns Falls Trend Analysis Study

From leaking sewage pipes to road salt, numerous sources of pollution negatively impact water quality in watersheds throughout Baltimore City and across Maryland. Millions of dollars have been invested in trying to mitigate and reverse the effects of pollution that eventually ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. What impact have these investments had on the Gwynns Falls watershed? This recent report, by Blue Water Baltimore, the United States Geological Service, and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, helps answer that question.

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Image courtesy of Blue Water Baltimore.